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March 23, 2009

Celeb Chef Donates to Miami Rescue Group

    Friday, March 27, Sabbath Memorial Rescue, a never-kill shelter in Miami, will be receiving 20 pallets of Nutrish treats from Rachael Ray. She'll also be sending food.

  The attention from such a high-profile figure is as welcome as the food, says Robbie Coy, who runs Sabbath Memorial.

   "We will one day build a real facility. We're really thankful to Rachel Ray and our dogs really like their stuff.''

   His group cares for 150 dogs, all of which can live out their lives at his shelter, in Southwest Miami-Dade. Coy pays for much of their care from his own pocket, and desperately needs donations.

   Ray's îîpeople'' say the following about the 10,000 pounds of food she's donating to shelters, along with the treats:

   "The economic downtown that started on Wall Street is beginning to take a serious toll on the backyard doghouse. Many apartment complex owners are no longer allowing dogs due to fear of increased "wear and tear" and in general many families no longer have the ability to provide for food, toys and costly medical bills. The result: an escalated amount of pet owners relinquishing their dogs to local shelters. Heartbroken by the thought of millions of animals taken in by these shelters, celebrity chef Rachael Ray will be donating dog food and treats from her new premium pet food line Rachael Ray Nutrish. This is on top of Rachael's Rescue, through which all of Rachael's proceeds from the dog food line sold in stores goes directly to no-kill animal shelters.''

  A depressing statistic: More than 32,000 dogs and cats end up in the Miami-Dade County animal shelter each year. Two-thirds die there because they can't find homes. Good people like Robbie, and other local rescuers, do what they can, but it's an uphill battle.


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