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April 22, 2009

Handicapped Pets Foundation Donates a Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair Fit for a "Prince"

Prince, a 10-year old German shepherd with degenerative myelopathy, recently received a Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair that was donated by the Handicapped Pets Foundation.

Amherst, NH (April 21, 2009) – From its headquarters in Amherst, New Hampshire to a family in Middletown, Delaware, Handicapped Pets Foundation recently delivered a Walkin' Wheels™ dog wheelchair fit for a Prince.

Prince is a 10-year old German shepherd that lives in Middletown, Delaware with his disabled owner Teri Stone. Having recently been diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy (“DM”), a progressive disease involving the spinal cord, Prince is currently suffering from partial rear leg paralysis and has difficulty maintaining enough balance to enjoy daily walks. Teri, who adopted Prince from a German shepherd rescue group several years ago, wanted to assist her dog with his mobility while maintaining his quality of life.

Teri has made a lifelong commitment to supporting both people and pets in their time of need. She is a single mother to her fifteen year-old daughter Vanessa and also has been a foster parent to more than twenty children over the years. However, Teri is currently out of work and has suffered a number of health complications in recent years. During these difficult times, Prince has always been right by her side.

Recently, with Prince struggling to get to his feet, Teri had resorted to lifting him by making a sling out of a large bath towel. However, she realized that she could not continue to battle the progressive course of Prince's degenerative myelopathy without finding a more effective solution to his mobility issues.

Teri's daughter Vanessa thought she was only joking a couple of weeks ago when she turned to her dog and said, “Oh Princey, if you keep falling down, we may just have to get you a wheelchair.”


Hearing her daughter’s comment gave Teri an idea.

“Wait a minute, Vanessa. Maybe there is such a thing as a wheelchair for dogs? Let’s go on the computer and see if we can find one”, Teri exclaimed to her daughter.

A quick Google search of the words “dog wheelchair” brought Teri and Vanessa to the websites of HandicappedPets.com and Handicapped Pets Foundation where they found hope for their loyal companion Prince.  In her request for assistance from the foundation, Teri explained that she wanted to be there for Prince in his time of need since he has always been there for her during the past few years as she has faced a number of health issues and related surgeries.


"When I returned home from the hospital, he stayed right by my side - always watching over me, protecting me and helping me to move about the house," Teri wrote about her faithful companion Prince.

 "It's a privilege to be able to provide the means for Teri and Prince to continue supporting one another," explained Mark C. Robinson, founder of the Handicapped Pets Foundation.

Handicapped Pets Foundation is a non-profit that is dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of elderly, disabled and injured pets. The foundation provides mobility equipment to pets in need. To learn more about the foundation and ways that you can help, visit us online at http://http://hpets.org/.


The veterinarian approved Walkin' Wheels, the only fully adjustable, transportable dog wheelchair on the market, is available for purchase online at www.HandicappedPets.com. HandicappedPets.com provides everything – products, services and support – pet caretakers need to help their disabled, injured or elderly pets enjoy healthy, happy, active lives. www.HandicappedPets.com (888) 811-PETS (7387)


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i am looking for wheels for my disabled cat

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