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May 25, 2009

Tragic situation leaves man in a coma and his pets seeking homes

This happened in Fort Lauderdale while I was out of town on vacation, so I'm late with it. But I hope someone helps this caring friend find new homes for these poor cats.

As for the thugs who did this to a man they didn't know, for whatever twisted reason: I hope you rot in prison for a really, really long time.

From Sonia:

On a pleasant April evening, my friend Craig Cohen, a bright, healthy and happy 47 year old man, was forever changed.  Walking home from a diner a mere three blocks from his condo, Craig was accosted by six young men. Before he knew what hit him, Craig was sprawled out on the ground fighting to shield his face from the blows mercilessly and maliciously inflicted by a band of teenagers out looking for a “little fun!” The men, complete strangers to Craig, took turns stomping on Craig’s head shattering his skull with each crushing blow. Since that night, Craig remains in a coma on life support. 


Doctors don’t hold out much hope that Craig will ever regain consciousness. After the fifth brain surgery, doctors tell us that they have done all they can. Blood clots have formed, infection has set in and organ failure has begun.  If by some miracle he regains consciousness, Craig will be blind, paralyzed mentally and cognitively diminished and unable to care for himself.  


I suppose these miserable demons got a “big bang for their buck.” Each punch, each stomp, each slam, each hit, each kick not only made contact with Craig’s body but with each and everyone of us who love him-his family, his friends, his colleagues and his pets.  I write to you on behalf of Craig Cohen’s pets.  


I met Craig when he was a volunteer at a local animal rescue facility.  He was a dedicated animal advocate sharing his life with a little dog named Eddie and 5 indoor cats.  Fortunately, Eddie has been adopted by a friend.  But we’re having a bit of time placing the cats.   Attached, please find some photos in a PDF file.


Four of the cats are age 8 and litter mates. They are Edmond, black male, Emmy Lou, gray female, Bussy brindle female (I think) and Tech, a brindle male (I think).  Callie is the oldest-age 14- and a calico female. They are all spayed/neutered.   

Below, please see an email I circulated earlier this month.  I would appreciate it if you would pass it along to anyone who may be inclined to help. We have a few possible adoption lined up for three of the cats but nothing concrete as yet.  If possible, it would be wonderful if we could find families willing to take the cats in pairs as they have lived together for years.  If not, individual homes for each of them is better than becoming just another cat in a shelter.   


Thank you for considering this request, Ms. Bechler.  Please ask interested parties to  email me  regarding the cats. hedricksonia@yahoo.com


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