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August 19, 2009

Sabbath Rescue In Crisis; ASD Replies

From Sabbath Rescue, the nonprofit shelter that saves unwanted dogs, unedited:

"Because of a kennel license violation, Animal Services, Sara Pizano director, has put a $5,000 lien on the farm land that we are located. They have intimidated the owner of the land to such an extent that he refused to fight the citation/with our lawyer present. Sabbath has been ordered off the farm in 12 days. We will fight this but regardless if Animal Services sees we have not moved in time it is their intention to forcibly take the 150 dogs we have to their slaughter.
Need I say more ?  Please call Robbie at 305-799-1567 if you want to help.  If you cannot get thru to Robbie please call me. Writing Mayor Alvarez is how this dilemma can end. After 9 years and 2500 dogs AS could have grand fathered this license in but they chose not to.''

From Dr. Pizano, unedited:

"Thank you for the opportunity to clarify all the misconceptions about this case. Sabbath Rescue leases a property in SW Dade. The property owner is responsible for getting a Zoning Variance through the county’s zoning process. The person operating the rescue is not the property owner and exemption cannot be made as the property is not legally zoned for a kennel.

The property owner received a violation due to the fact that the operation does not have a kennel license from Animal Services.  Since the violation was neither appealed or paid, the violation amount of $265 then accrued to $5,000.  The property owner requested and was granted a late appeal by Animal Services, which happened today.  Once the property is in compliance and the violation paid, the $5,000 accrual will be removed.

As director of Animal Services, I do not have the authority to grandfather a kennel that is not legally zoned.  That is completely different from the breeder’s license which has nothing to do with zoning.  They would also have to be zoned legally if they had over the permitted number of dogs on their property.

It is my understanding that the property owner is evicting Sabbath Rescue and again, that is a matter between those two parties and does not involve Animal Services.  I truly hope that all the dogs are placed by the time they have to vacate the property.  Please feel free to forward this message so that everyone receives accurate information."



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What can I do to help??????????????????????

hermosa labor que hacen!!! yo tambien amo a los perros

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