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May 27, 2010

Bats Need Love Too

But beyond that, they are a critical element of a healthy environment. Really.

''As the bat-killing disease known as white-nose syndrome continues to decimate bats from Quebec to Missouri, the response to the crisis by scientists and government agencies continues to be hampered by lack of funding. Bat supporters must speak up now, while there's still a chance for our actions to make a difference to their survival.

Many more than a million bats have died from the disease in the last four years, and some of the largest bat colonies in the world, in the South and Midwest, are now on the precipice of disaster. This winter, white-nose syndrome was detected fewer than 100 miles from Mammoth Cave National Park, the crown jewel of America's cave parks. And the disease jumped the Mississippi River earlier this year, threatening some of the most biologically diverse cave ecosystems in the country.

Thus far, next year's federal budget has only minimal amounts allocated for research and response coordination. The Center for Biological Diversity, along with numerous other organizations and researchers, is calling on Congress to appropriate $5 million to confronting the bat disease.
We need your help to make sure that congressional members hear the message that we need to act to save our bats now, before it's too late.''


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