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May 19, 2010

Here Kittie!

Give a Shelter Cat a Starring Role in Your Life

During American Humane’s Adopt-A-Cat Month® in June


DENVER, May 19, 2010 Set the stage for a life filled with love and companionship by adopting a shelter cat during American Humane’s Adopt-A-Cat Month in June. This year, American Humane has partnered with the CATalyst Council to promote cat adoptions during the busy kitten season and to encourage a lifetime of proper veterinary care for all cats.

 very spring and summer, cats reproduce in record numbers, and millions end up in animal shelters. Local shelters are brimming with cats of every breed, age and personality just waiting for a loving home. Whether you prefer young and frisky or mature and mellow, you’re sure to find the perfect cat companion during Adopt-A-Cat Month. Once you bring your new cat home, follow these helpful tips to enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness together.

 11 Ways to Care for Your Cat

 1.     Twice Is Nice -- Visit your veterinarian twice a year. It’s the best way to keep your cat healthy and diagnose illness early.

2.     Fine Dining --The right diet depends on your cat’s age, activity level and overall health. Ask your veterinarian for tips on finding food that is nutritious, digestible and tasty.

3.     No Tubby Tabbies -- Overweight cats can have serious health problems. Lower the risk of obesity by feeding the right food, playing with your cat and providing fun activities your cat can enjoy alone.

4.     Don’t Bug Me -- It’s easy to prevent internal and external parasites with year-round protection. Even indoor cats get heartworms and fleas; and roundworms can harm your family along with your cat.

5.     Lost & Found -- Indoor cats do get out and get lost. Microchips and breakaway collars with ID tags must be standard operating equipment (remember to register your cat with the microchip provider).

6.     A Little Help From a Friend -- If your cat is in need of expensive health care, pet insurance will help you pay for treatment that might otherwise be beyond your means.

7.     Cleanliness Counts -- Use large litter boxes that are about “tip of the nose to tip of the tail” in length. Provide one more box than the number of cats in your house, and scoop them at least once daily.

8.     Play for Prey -- Play is great exercise that satisfies a cat’s normal desire to chase, pounce and catch. You can even train your cat to do tricks for treats!

9.     Scratching the Surface -- All cats have a natural need to scratch. Satisfy it by teaching your cat to use a scratching post.

10.  Be on the Ball -- Cats are consistent. If your cat suddenly acts out of character, something might be wrong. Contact your veterinarian.

11.  The More, the Merrier -- Cats are social animals and may benefit from one or two cat companions.

Learn more about cat adoption, care and behavior at www.americanhumane.org/aacm. For additional resources and more information on the CATalyst Council, visit www.catalystcouncil.org.


About American Humane

Founded in 1877, the American Humane Association is the only national organization dedicated to protecting both children and animals. Through a network of child and animal protection agencies and individuals, American Humane develops policies, legislation, curricula and training programs to protect children and animals from abuse, neglect and exploitation. The nonprofit organization, headquartered in Denver, raises awareness about The Link® between violence to people and violence to animals, as well as the benefits derived from the human-animal bond. American Humane’s office in Los Angeles is the authority behind the “No Animals Were Harmed”® end-credit disclaimer on film and TV productions, and American Humane’s office in Washington, D.C., is an advocate for child and animal protection at the federal and state levels. The American Humane® Certified farm animal program is the nation’s original independent certification and labeling program for humanely raised food. American Humane meets the strong, comprehensive standards of the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance, has been awarded the Independent Charities of America’s “Best in America” Seal of Approval, has met the stringent standards for financial efficiency and accountability required by the American Institute of Philanthropy to qualify as a Top-Rated Charity, and has received a 3-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s premier independent charity evaluator. Visit www.americanhumane.org to learn more.


About CATalyst Council

The CATalyst Council was formed when organizations and corporations dedicated to cat health and welfare became concerned about study results that showed cats are less likely to receive veterinary care than dogs. In addition, nationwide shelter statistics show that most shelter cats are never placed in permanent homes. The Council promotes the value of cats as pets and strives to increase the awareness of cat health and welfare issues and the level of care cats receive through increased adoptions, high-quality veterinary care, preventive medicine, and cat-friendly products. More information about the CATalyst Council is available at http://catalystcouncil.org/.



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