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July 30, 2010

Dog Stolen, caught on security camera

Here's the email I got from Elisa Estrada, who has every right to be enraged about someone simply walking off with her dog on Lincoln Road. Her number is 305-877-2598. This is not a common breed, so if you see one, try to find out if it really belongs to the person who has it.

And to whoever took the dog: SHAME ON YOU.  You've bought yourself a whole lot of seriously bad karma.  Brunella_copy

''She is a Brussels Griffon. This happened on Lincoln Road on July 9th 2010. A woman just took her and walked away . My dog, Brunella walked out of the store where we were without me noticing and in a matter of seconds witnesses say she was stuck on her leash between the store where I was and the restaurant next door when this woman approached the hostess of the restaurant and asked her who's dog was that (pointing at Brunella). The hostess just told her she saw the dog walking out of the store next door and the lady decides then to just take her. There is the video of the woman talking to the hostess and also a police report made that day. My dog had a leash, collar and a tag w/number and her name.. It's 3 weeks today and I need help for someone to recognize this woman. This is terrible that people still do these things and in a street "supposedly secure" as Lincoln Road. There is a $3,000 Reward. I am just feeling helpless.. Someone can probably recognize her if someone would be kind enough to air the video.''

In a separate email, she said that her fliers "have been removed by the police.''

CLICK HERE for the video.


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I'm sorry about what happened to Elisa's dog, Ellie. Losing a cute Brussels Griffon like Brunella is really a heartache. So, what happened? I hope she has found Brunella by now. That's one advantage of pet-owners if the streets have security cameras around. :)

What a loss! Brunnella is so adorable. I remember my aunt almost went crazy when she lost the first puppy of her dog, Blackie. Anyway, since it has been two years, I'm hoping Brunella has been found. Without the security camera, I think they won't be able to find out that the dog was stolen. Kudos to the pet owner!

Hey, I hope you were able to get Brunella back. I hope the CCTV camera will be of great help in identifying the woman who kidnapped your dog. Any updates on the case?

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