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August 16, 2010

Ebony, the dog shot by the parole officer

Didn't have all the details on Thursday - and don't have all the details now, because the officer's supervisor hung up on me before I could get a question out, but I'm working on it - but for those who didn't see the story Saturday, here it is.

The good news is that surgery was successful - doctors in fact retrieved part of the bullet - and Ebony will pull through. Kathy Mello, the rescue angel who took charge of Ebony - because Ebony's family can't afford to - said that the pup has to be fed soft food on a tongue depressor because her jaws are wired. She lost several teeth and part of her tongue. Amazingly, the outside of her face wasn't completely torn up, though you can clearly see the point of entry on the left  and the damage done around it. Ebony The vet who treated her in Fort Pierce uses a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for healing. I've never heard of such a thing used on animals but apparently the works because Kathy - Cause For Paws Rescue- is headed back up there today to fetch  Ebony. Go to Youtube to see some video on Dr. Lyman, and see the post below for donation info. Ebony's care is going to run over $5,000.


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its a hero dog!..thank god the dog is survive im pleasure to see and proud.

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