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October 19, 2010

Pet Store Stops Selling Puppies; Encourages Shelter adoptions

Bravo to GIGI + LUCA Pet Boutique, in Lighthouse Point, which has decided to discontinue the sale of commercially-bred puppies. Instead, it will showcase animals from rescue groups and pledge to return half of their adoption fees to animal shelters. If more stores would go that route, it could make a huge difference in the number of animals dying in shelters every year - 3-4 million. - and maybe close down some pup[y mills.

"Our main concern is saving their lives,” Elizabeth Correa, owner of GIGI + LUCA, 1825 NE 24th St., said in a news release. “We hope to adopt more pets and continue placing these innocent creatures in loving homes.” "

"After learning about the alarming record number of pets that are put to death monthly, Elizabeth decided she had to do something. Her vision is one hope and inspiration: “to create a new life for all rescue puppies.”

"GIGI + LUCA is working with licensed shelters to select rescue pets and ensure they are spayed, and neutered, and treated for any medical need before placing them with a new owner. Before they can qualify for adoption, they are cleared from kennel cough, fleas, or any other “common” ailment. Correa charges a small fee which helps cover food and medical costs for each dog while they wait to be adopted. Half of all proceeds go to collaborating animal shelters.''

"“Only a mere 20 percent of pets are adopted from shelters,”  said Correa, in the release. “We want to increase that number and provide all types, from mix breeds to designer breeds to pure breeds for pet lovers to adopt.”"

 "She talks about how one day a gentleman came in looking for a Min-Pin puppy. Although she did not have one, she was fostering one for a rescue group. At first he was not interested, but his attitude changed once he met the puppy and played with her. Then he learned how the puppy had been saved from death row. He immediately adopted her and today, says Correa, “she’s being treated like a princess. I realized that as long as we sell puppies, dogs like her won’t have a chance to find homes,” states Correa.''


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