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February 24, 2011

Whole Lotta Dog Needs a Home


This guy is a Cane Corso, pulled from Miami-Dade Animal Services. His rescuer calls him "a rare find, as the breed is extremely rare in FL and has just recently been becoming more popular in the States...He is considered a type of Italian Mastif, smaller in build and weight than regular mastiffs. And unlike regular mastiffs, they do NOT drool or slobber unless VERY excited - and then only a little.

  "He's about 3 years old, blue in color and was extremely underweight at the shelter. He also had a slight case of demodex, which he is recovering nicely from.  He has since gained about 12 lbs and should put on another 10-15 or so, and his hair is already growing back. He has been fully vetted, neutered, and is up to date on all his shots.

"He loves people, is great with other dogs and doesn't mind cats. I'm not sure about smaller kids, but I think he'd be ok with older children, as he is just a big gentle giant and a love bug. He follows you when you are home and sleeps on his bed when you are gone. He is NOT destructive at all. He still gets excited enough to play and welcome you home, but is past his wild puppy years. He is fully housebroken and knows basic commands. Loves treats!''

Call 954-534-6356 or email tal790@aol.com.


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