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March 30, 2011

Miami-Dade Shelter - fact and misinformation about various things

First: A March 24th news release from Animal Services at the start of the distemper crisis incorrectly said that owner surrenders were no longer going to be accepted, ever. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Regular owner surrenders will resume after the staff gets the place sanitized, which should be very soon.

Second: I didn't explain something adequately in Tuesday's story about a proposed new shelter. Click here to read it. The story left the impression that even though larger, the new shelter will accept fewer animals. Here's Dr. Pizano's further explanation:

"The new building is not yet designed so we do not know the exact capacity but more importantly will be the appropriately designed animal spaces conducive to cleaning and disease control. Our goal is to decrease shelter intake and we are working on many initiatives to do just that, such as targeted spay/neuter programs.  It is impossible to care for 37,000 animals a year humanely without the issue of overcrowding.''

I hope that helps, and I'm sorry for causing consternation.




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