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March 07, 2011

You can participate online!

DogsInDanger Announces 2nd Annual Walk-A-Thon!

Your support is making a difference for dogs. Without our supporters-50,000 dogs would not be alive today-but we still have a long way to go to end the needless killing of millions of pets each year. You can help us achieve the next goal by joining the DogsInDanger "March for the Dogs" Walk-A-Thon. More announcements will be forthcoming about how you can join the Walk-A-Thon (yes, even virtually)!

DogsInDanger is a national non-profit organization. For more than three years, we have connected dogs on death row with loving homes and rescues. We work in cooperation with 600 municipal shelters and animal control agencies across the country to help dogs that are scheduled to die. We will hold our second annual "March for the Dogs' event on Sunday, May 15, 2011 in Yorktown Heights, NY to raise funds for our ongoing lifesaving efforts throughout the year. This family event will consist of a fundraising walk along with lots of other activities including live music, great free food, dogs for adoption, lots of vendors, photographs with celebrities, silent auction, face painting, and much more.

Ghandi once wrote that society's moral character would be judged by the way it treats its animals. DogsInDanger challenged the public to face the innocent helpless animals scheduled to die, dared them to stare in their eyes. Most of us are too kind to do the deadly act, but the tragedy is that if we sit by silently and do nothing, the killing will continue.

Millions of dogs are killed each year in this country --innocent creatures that, through no fault of their own, have found themselves suddenly homeless. They are dragged to their death, killed in gas chambers, or given deadly injections straight to the heart. They die scared and confused, betrayed by the humans they are taught to trust. You can help us stop the killing.


  1. Attend the DogsInDanger "March for the Dogs" Walk-A-Thon, Sunday May 15, either virtual or in person (more info to come).
  2. Tell your friends and family about DogsInDanger. There are hundreds of ways to help animals with the click of a mouse. Find out how to share DogsInDanger on Facebook and Twitter
  3. Tune in to the DogsInDanger Radio Hour on the #1 talk radio station in the country, New York's 77WABC. Sunday mornings 6AM - 7AM where we tackle the tough animal-related issues. Honest talk, even when it bites!
  4. Adopt. Adopt your next dog from a shelter and rescue group, or buy from a reputable breeder. Never buy from a pet shop.
  5. Share the DogsInDanger PSA. It aired on networks in NY and LA but air time is expensive and we need to keep it going. Here's the link to the DogsInDanger PSA on YouTube. Share it on Facebook and email all your friends.
  6. Be sure to sign up for the DogsInDanger newsletter in order to receive e-mail alerts and news. You can join today by signing up on the DogsInDanger Website.
  7. Volunteer. Good intentions are not good enough. Go to your local shelter and get involved!
  8. Donate. It is only with donations from kindhearted animal lovers like you that our site will survive. By making a donation right now you will help our work to save dogs on death row.

We're so fortunate to have you as our supporters. We hope that you are ready to join us en route to our next victory, and we hope that you will be inspired to March for the Dogs! Don't hesitate to contact us for more information. Thank you for all that you are doing to help make a difference for animals.

Very truly yours,

Alex Aliksanyan and Brenda Bush
Co-Founders, DogsInDanger


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