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May 19, 2011

Sam Needs an Extra-Special Loving Home

There is a world of sorrow and pain in this poor dog's eyes. You can tell what he's been through from all the scars. His name is Sam, he's about 3 and neutered. He was used as bait for fighting pitbulls, then rescued from certain death at Animal Services. He need someone to love him forever.Here's part of the email I got explaining his situation.

"Sam is a delightful little boy, who has the cutest walk, snores like a baby, has a big bright smile and the sweetest heart in the world! He is so happy to be in a home, wagging his tail already. Very sweet and gentle boy.

"Sam cries in his sleep (God only knows the nightmares he has) and his foster mom sleeps with him on the floor. He is in no condition to be placed in a kennel. He is terrified of everything and rightfully so. Sam has known nothing but PURE EVIL at the hands of humans and without a doubt needed this quiet and peaceful environment to help him overcome the emotional hurdles he faced.

"Sam could not and will not walk when he is taken outside, again any noise terrifies him. So his foster mom has to carry a 60 pound dog up and down two flights of stairs three to four times a day. Sam is afraid of his own reflection in a mirror. If he sees another dog he cowers because the only life he has known (all three years of life) has been being attacked by fighting dogs. He would not eat so he was hand feed for days, he is now finally eating on his own.

"Let us give Sam another chance. He has never known love, attention, or care from anyone. He survived a horrendous ordeal, and can only survive this, with your help. He needs veterinary care first and foremost, then we need to find him a loving permanent home. Although he sustained serious wounds while being used as a warm up tool for dog fighting, he will recover fully and receive the love that he deserves.

"HE STILL NEEDS A FOREVER HOME! He has come this far! He deserves another chance, and will thank his new  mother or father for the rest of his life.''

If you are interested, please get in touch with Mirna Trujillo. Email: mirna1395@hotmail.com
Phone: 786-281-7599

Any potential adopter will be carefully screened for the ability to take care of Sam's emotional and physical needs.



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