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May 26, 2011

Your Golden Opportunity!

These two GORGEOUS goldens are at the Broward County shelter- found running around loose with no tags or chip: a boy and a girl, bonded to each other.

From their wonderful rescuer: "If they are not claimed, they will be put up for adoption in 3 days. A deposit can be placed on them today, THURSDAY, but the earliest they could be picked up is Tuesday or Wednesday.

 "I would hate to see them split up but getting them each into a home is more important than keeping them together. They seemed to be about 5 - 7 years old, I would guess. The male was responsive to me and the female took his lead.

Here are their Lost & Found profiles:



And the location of the shelter is at:

Fort Lauderdale Adoption Center
1870 SW 39th Street
Phone: 954-359-1313 

A1446546 Golden Retriever 2011.05.25 NE 50CT + NE 14 WY Ft Lauderdale
A1446547 Golden Retriever 2011.05.25 NE 50CT + NE 14 WY

Ft Lauderdale



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Update: they're being reunited with their owner as I type this! If you have a pet, PLEASE make sure it is always wearing an ID tag, even if it's microchipped!

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