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July 18, 2011

Read about hero pets

August Issue of Reader’s Digest Celebrates Hero Pets

 We all love our pets, but the people profiled in “America’s Hero Pets,” a feature in the August issue of Reader’s Digest magazine, have even more reason to be thankful for their animals, since they literally saved their lives.  From dogs to cats to horses, Reader’s Digest serves up heartwarming stories of animal bravery.

 The most dramatic may be that of a dog named Rufus.  A stray adopted in Afghanistan by Sgt. Chris Duke who literally saved the lives of Duke and 50 of his fellow soldiers on the night of February 11, 2010 in Paktia Province.  Rufus and his pals, Target and a little puppy the soldiers named Sasha, alerted the troops to an enemy intruder who had entered their compound as they were about to bed down for the night.  The barking dog startled the intruder before he could enter their barracks, alerting the troops and forcing him to set off his suicide bomb before he reached his targets.  Little Sasha died in the attack and Rufus and Target were seriously injured.  After he returned to the U.S. in March 2010, Duke sought the aid from Hope for Warriors and Puppy Rescue Mission, to bring Rufus and Target to the States, a reunion which occurred in July 2010. Target met an unfortunate end when she wandered off and was euthanized at an animal shelter. Rufus continues to live today with Duke in San Tan Valley, Arizona.

 As profiled are: an adopted cat named Inky, who, like TV’s Lassie, ran for help to save the life of his owner Glen Kruger;  Stormy, a rescue quarter-horse, who saved the young brother of his owner from a wild boar attack; and Digger, a beagle, who alerted his owner to an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s who was in distress on a cold winter day, who would’ve died without the keen intervention of the canine. For more info, head to www.rd.com



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