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Fallout from l'affair Michael Vick

Safe_2Have "stash bottle" sales soared since Michael Vick sported one at Miami International Airport earlier this month?

Not really, says Ray Gilbarte, president of Cutting Edge Products, a supplier of safety and security products.

In fact, Gilbarte worries that sales may drop now that the water bottle diversion safe has made headlines. "People had no idea you could hide stuff inside a water bottle," he said. "Now, people know. This put the bottles in the national spotlight."

Also in the national spotlight: Miami-Dade police for their handling of the case.

After the Atlanta Falcons quarterback was stopped at MIA, police uploaded a copy of the security checkpoint's surveillance recording onto a computer flash drive. The department denied a request from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution to view the video, saying it was part of an open investigation.

A few days later, the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office announced the case was closed and no crime had been committed. OK, said the newspaper: NOW let us see your copy of the video, since it is no longer evidence in a criminal case. Oops. The copy had been deleted. It "no longer had any evidentiary value,"  Detective Robert Williams, a Miami-Dade police spokesman, told Herald reporter Evan Benn.

The original surveillance video is property of the Transportation Security Administration. The agency also denied a request from the Atlanta newspaper to obtain a copy of the video, citing security reasons.

As for the water bottle, sports memorabilia hounds are apparently out of luck. It's in the hands of the TSA.


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