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Recipe for a Florida story

Ingredient list:

1 Overcrowded DMV office.

1 Elderly driver.

1 Older-model Mercury Grand Marquis.

Next: Preheat driver-licensing office to hot and stuffy. In parking lot, combine elderly driver and Grand Marquis. Stand back as driver tries to back out of spot but instead shifts into "drive."

It's what happened Wednesday at the motor vehicle office on Military Trail in Deerfield Beach. Boca Raton resident Therese M. Smith, 80, went in to re-take her driving exam, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. When Smith went to leave, she accidentally sent her 1990 car plowing through a glass window, right into the state office.

Eleven people were treated for injuries; Smith was not harmed but was charged with careless driving.

As for her driving exam: It was postponed because Smith's passenger-side door was broken and the test-giver couldn't get inside.


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