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Car ad leads to car theft

It seemed like a done deal.

Earlier this month, after posting an ad in the Auto Trader flier, William Taylor thought he had found someone to buy his blue 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

A man, who identified himself as Mr. Farmer, called Taylor about the $7,000 car and arranged a meeting at Taylor's workplace in Hollywood.

Thinking he was going to sell the car, Taylor returned to his Pembroke Pines home and picked up the car's title.

A short time later, Farmer showed up for the meeting in Hollywood.

Farmer got into the driver's seat of the car, while Taylor rode shotgun.

Seemed like a test drive, Taylor thought.

After a short drive, Farmer asked Taylor, "Would this be a good place to count the money?" according to a police report. Taylor said yes.

Taylor stopped the car and reached for his yellow and orange backpack. But it wasn't cash that he pulled out. It was a small, dark handgun.

"You're kidding, right?" Taylor asked.

"No, this no joke," Farmer said, before reaching into Taylor's shirt pocket and taking the title, as well as $100 cash and a few checks.

Farmer demanded Taylor get out of the car. He did, unharmed.

Farmer - whose name probably isn't Farmer - drove off. He hasn't been found since.


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