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Police trying to KETCH-UP with thief

KetchupAs a Hooter's customer in Sunrise waited for his take-out food, he decided to help himself to drinks.

Carlos Mecia, the restaurant manager, told police the man walked behind the service counter and started serving himself drinks shortly after 11 p.m. March 14.

But the man's behavior got even weirder when he was spotted trying to steal bottles of ketchup.

When it came time to pay for his $35.78 tab, the man handed over a credit card bearing the name Derek L. Pearson. The card was declined. So he handed over another, which was also turned down. A third credit card, with the same name, also didn't work, police said.

The man "became belligerent" and headed straight to the drink counter and the condiment shelf.

Then, the man walked out of the restaurant - with his unpaid takeout - and drove off in a black Ford F-150.

Police are still trying to ketch-up with him.


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