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BSO busts Everglades pot farmers

PlantWhen Broward Sheriff's deputies spotted Adam Beltrone and Justin Shepard earlier this month, the two friends were walking out of a wooded area near the Everglades, fishing poles in hand.

But something was clearly awry, BSO said. The deputies knew there were no fishing holes in the area. Plus, the poles held no line.

Turns out, Beltrone, 22, and Shepard, 20, never intended to catch fish. After some questioning, they led deputies into the brush, where they had planted five pot plants, authorities said.

Deputies later searched Beltrone's car and found a small amount of marijuana and some rolling paper. Beltrone and Shepard were charged with possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia and loitering and prowling.

Beltrone faces additional charges. The Home Depot employee later told deputies he was hoping to sell the pot to finance his college education. Not a smart move. The deputies added a count of manufacturing marijuana with intent to sell, according to the police report.


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What a waste of tax dollars. Two guys do nothing at all in the middle of the everglades and now are in jail. Awesome, let me just pay through the roof in property taxes to get these guys off the street.

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