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Crime Scene Recommends: The First 48

First Police-reporters' lives aren't completely consumed by our jobs. We often find time for police-related television shows, too.

Which brings us to tonight's inaugural installment of Crime Scene Recommends, where we share our favorite pieces of cop-pop-culture with you.

The First 48 is everything about reality crime TV that Cops is not.

The series follows homicide detectives in the first two days of a murder investigation, the idea being that a cop's best chance to solve a case happens within the first 48 hours after the crime. The show's cameras get behind-the-yellow-tape access to crime scenes and interview rooms, allowing viewers a voyeuristic peek inside the cops' and perps' heads.

The First 48 tracks murder investigations in places like Dallas, Kansas City, Las Vegas and Philadelphia.

Skip those, and set your TiVo for the show's Miami episodes. Coming up in the next few weeks: The stabbing death of an airline executive in Overtown, and the murder of a homeless man at the hands of an MS-13 gang member.

The show airs at weird times on A&E, so check local listings for the next broadcast. The link above to the show's website lets you read profiles of the Miami homicide unit, look up episode synopses and play detective in a crack-the-case game.

And if this glowing recommendation isn't enough proof, here is Category 305's take on what it calls "the best Miami documentary ever."    (Photo credit: aetv.com)


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