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Crime Scene Recommends: The Corpse Had a Familiar Face

Book Here's a favorite of mine: The Corpse Had a Familiar Face, a memoir by the queen of police reporting herself, Edna Buchanan.

Not familiar with the author? Buchanan covered cops for The Herald when Miami's murder rate was the highest in the country. During her time on the beat, she chased more than 3,000 homicides, according to her website. She won a Pulitzer Prize in 1986.

The Corpse Had a Familiar Face is a must-read for anyone with an interest in Miami's one-of-a-kind crime scene. Buchanan writes about killers and their victims, the cops and her colleagues at the paper. She details Miami's gritty streets and sleepless summer nights. And she does it with her inimitable style.

Here's a taste:

"The crime that inevitably intrigues me most is murder. It's so final. At a fresh murder scene, you can smell the blood and hear the screams; years later, they still echo in my mind. Unsolved murders are unfinished stories. The scene of crime may change over the years; highways are built over them, buildings are torn down, houses are sold. I drive by and wonder if the new occupants, as they go about their daily lives, ever sense what happened there. Do they know, or am I the only one who still remembers?"


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