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A lesson in non-copspeak

Schwartz0423 When interviewing police sources, reporters often find our notebooks filled with jargony words most people never use: The victim expired, he was airlifted, we extricated her, officers apprehended them, etc.

Not so when the info is coming from Miami police Lt. William Schwartz, one of the department's public information officers.

Some bloggers picked up on today's Miami Herald story where Schwartz described an accused double murderer as "a sociopath little thug without two brain cells to rub together."

Miami Vision Blogarama posts this compilation of memorable Schwartz quotes, as well as some details about his moonlighting career as a ventriloquist.

The photo up top, by Herald staffer Peter Andrew Bosch, is of Schwartz (center, in black shirt) being mobbed outside the home of Elian Gonzalez's Miami relatives.


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