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Aldon's Last Hope

Aldon_horn I received a neatly-penned letter from Aldon Horn, a 6-4, 300-pound Miami-Dade jail inmate awaiting trial for second-degree murder. He says I am his "last hope" so I've decided to post an excerpt from his letter because this is a better venue than the newspaper:

"On May 22, 2007, we had our first "contact visits." Filled with excitement, I put my girlfriend on the visitor's list and told her what time to come see me. She was very happy for the opportunity to come and see me in person, but our joy and excitement was abruptly ended the morning of the visit.

While being escorted to the visiting area, the correctional officer said 'Damn you got a fat ass.' This type of behavior from an officer is absolutely atrocious, despicable, horrendous ... you name it. Not to mention my girlfriend is now scared to come and see me again due to this blatant and inexcusable sexual harassment."

Aldon doesn't mention the officer's name but does include a copy of the grievance. Good luck, Aldon.


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Chuckle Nuhtz

post the grievance so that we can all read it.


Who really cares, he killed someone. I say put him in the chair. i want to pull the switch. lol

el perro (again)

How can we reform our prison system if there are thugs running it.

well well

Correctional officers aren't necessarily highly educated professionals. I guess this kind of behavior could be expected from them. Nevertheless, even though it would be reasonably accepted this kind of vocabulary inside a correctional center with the inmates, a visitor does not have to tolerate that kind of verbal abuse.
The inmate, however, will get nowhere with his grievance process. He has virtually no rights while he's in prison, and will have limited rights once he's out. But the lady can, and should, file a criminal complaint at the local police department because this could, in my humble opinion, have grounds to be a sexual offense. Oh, sorry, I forgot that most correctional officers (and state and federal employees for that matter) enjoy QUALIFIED IMMUNITY. They are untouchable unless they violate your civil rights. You didn't know? now you do.


This inmate has his life hanging in the balance and his concern is overhearing someone say his girl has a fat ass?! I dont know whether he did the crime or not(no protest of innocense on his part), but I would think he has bigger fish to fry than some GED educated correctional (want-a-be) cop.


I believe it..my friends brother is a corrections officer and the guy is a maniac, I can't believe the things that come out of his mouth. He's bitter after working at the jails for 20 years and he hates that element and I hear the way he talks about them, so yeah I'm sure its true. I'm sure they are all like that. The sad thing is..once in your jail, you have no rights, which I guess is his own fault..she should just suck it up and go if she wants to see him.

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