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From the water, a hero emerges

John Carr called the newsroom tonight to check on the condition of a woman he saved from drowning yesterday off Haulover Beach.

Carr had been in the ocean when he noticed a woman nearby floating face-down in the waist-deep water. He pulled her to shore and screamed for the lifeguards to come quick.

The lifeguards continued CPR until an ambulance arrived a few minutes later to whisk the woman to Aventura Medical Center. She suffered from cardiac arrest in the water, but rescuers were able to revive her pulse and save her - thanks to the fast actions of Carr and emergency workers.

The woman is expected to be OK.

"You just made my night," Carr said when I gave him the update. "We were all so worried about her."


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God bless you John. Now a days, no one really stops to help. I recently suffered something like a mild heart attack while driving. I managed to pull over and no one stopped. I did get yelled at and cursed out even though I managed to pull my car over to a street with no traffic. Very sad. Luckily I was able to dial 911 and get help. Even then the police arrived first and ready to draw their guns thinking I was high, I responded that a good friend of mine was their peer. I then received all the necessary medical help when my friend arrived.

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