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SoFla chase makes national news

Arrest_3Watch TV this morning?

If so, you probably caught highlights from yesterday's wild police chase.

According to police, the reckless ride started after Thomas Richmond Baldwin crashed a stolen Lexus in northwest Miami-Dade. Baldwin, 29, didn't stick around for long. When a Miami-Dade public safety aide responded, Baldwin tried to run her over. Then he took off, marking the beginning of a three-county chase.

Baldwin's first move was to hop on Interstate 95. When he crossed the county line, though, Miami-Dade police pulled off. (They only give chase if the offender commits a violent crime or if they're faced with a life-or-death situation, one spokesman said.) For safety reasons, both the Broward Sheriff's Office and the Florida Highway Patrol declined to take over.

Baldwin might have thought he was home free -- had it not been for a fleet of pesky news choppers. The choppers stayed with Baldwin as whizzed west on Interstate 595 and later, headed north on the turnpike. For most of the ride, Baldwin weaved in and out of traffic, clocking more than 100 miles per hour. It was an odd sight. Not a single police cruiser was following him.

Baldwin hit Boca and made a U-turn. The diligent choppers followed -- and aired the chase on live TV. (It even made CNN.) The news crews stayed overhead when Baldwin exited the turnpike and a swarm of police cars approached. And their cameras were rolling when police arrested Baldwin in Sunrise.

You can watch the entire chase here.


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