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Shootout on Coral Way

Perez Police say you can thank this guy, Francisco Perez, for the rush-hour shutdown of Coral Way on Wednesday afternoon.

Miami-Dade robbery detectives tried to stop Perez, 45, who was driving a Ford Mustang, which investigators say fit the description of a vehicle seen at several recent robberies.

As police pursued Perez, he began firing at them with a revolver, investigators said. The officers shot back, but no one got hit.

Perez crashed the Mustang near Coral Way and Southwest 16th Avenue, and police arrested him. Charges have not yet been announced. 

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thats some sh*t!

Crime comes in all shapes and sizes.

Last week special agents from The Florida Department of Environmental Protection arrested a man when they discovered an estimated 20,000 cubic yards of manure waste on his Loxahatchee property.

Walter Duque was issued three misdemeanor citations which could result in up to 18 months in jail and $30,000 in fines.

DEP agents had received complaints from neighbors about growing piles of manure on Duque's property and of foul odors wafting through the neighborhood.

Investigators believe Duque may have been accepting loads of horse manure from nearby communities and illegally composting the waste without permits. Mounds of manure, some as tall as 15 feet tall, covered several acres on his property.

DEP requires special permits for composting and storing horse manure.

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A pyramid scheme in progress

Pyramid A funny thing went down at the table next to me at Pizza Rustica this afternoon.

A young guy, maybe 25, was pitching a business proposal to his lunchmate, who was a few years older and obviously a first-time acquaintance.

"Do you want to obtain financial freedom? Do you know how to really make money in this world? Are you serious about joining a project that will make you rich?" the kid peppered his prey.

The other guy had some questions of his own.

"What exactly are we selling? How long will it take for me to see any profits? Does it cost me anything up front?"

A-ha. For those answers, the kid told him, he'd have to go to an address in Miramar for an "information session." It was for "serious businessmen only," the kid said, trying his best to sound authoritative as he tried to close his deal.

From my vantage point, it was pretty clear this kid was trying to reel in a sucker investor for a common pyramid scheme. With no actual product to sell and a major cash investment required, these scams are illegal and only reward the top guys who sell false promises to newbies.

So, if the predator's lunchmate is reading this, heed my advice: Don't go to that address in Miramar. You'd be better off asking if Rustica is hiring.

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