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Slow Sunday

Among the shootings, fires, car accidents and falling skydivers we covered today, one call came over the police scanner that really caught our attention in a jiffy.

Around 3 p.m., a report came in about a hijacked cargo plane about to make a landing at Miami International. Whoa.

I made a quick call to airport spokesman Marc Henderson. His cellphone message said he was on the other line. I hung up and hit redial. Henderson picked up on the first ring.

"All I know so far is the plane might have a possible cracked windshield," he said. "I can't confirm anything else."

The plane landed about five minutes later and was directed to a secure area where authorites could check it out. I called back Henderson to find out what the deal was.

The plane and its crew were fine, he said -- no cracked windshield, no hijackers. A good thing. On to the next story.


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