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The suits have arrived

The lawyers are here now. O.J. is being represented by Yale Galanter of Miami and Gabriel Grasso. Grasso is a Nevada attorney, who is helping Galanter navigate this state's laws. For the state: District Attorney David Roger is handling the prosecution duties.

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Look who's back

The gang's all here: That's former OJ prosecutor Marcia Clark sitting on the left (she's blond now), and the woman taking a photo to her right is Greta Van Susteren.Greta

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Into the courthouse we go


They have opened the courthouse and reporters are waiting in line to get in. Bailiffs are making us go through two security screenings - first a metal detector, then a sniff from police dogs.

The arraignment judge, Ann Zimmerman, just came in and went to her courtroom.

Media crews have filled every available inch of sidewalk space outside the courthouse, which is about 20 minutes from opening. Most of the TV reporters and their bulky cameras will stay outside during the hearing. We're going in.

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Cirque du O.J.

Palace Good morning from Las Vegas, where it's 5:39 a.m. and the sun hasn't cracked over the Strip yet.

The O.J. hype is in full swing here. A gaggle of anxious reporters and their satellite trucks have been camped outside the Clark County Regional Justice Center for days, and the crowd keeps growing as we get closer to Simpson's 7:45 a.m. arraignment and bail hearing.

Crime Scene will be there. Until then, we're at the off-the-strip Palace Station Casino and Hotel (left), where the alleged incident happened last week. So far, hotel management isn't making the "O.J. Room" available to the media.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the case.

TV reporters are speculating the judge could set a big bail for O.J. - the figure $1.5 million has been swirling around. My cab driver last night was sure this whole saga has been an organized publicity stunt concocted by O.J. and the Goldman family to sell more copies of the "If I Did It" book.

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Operation Gang Busters

Kfr_with_board_2_2 Previewed in today's Herald, top law enforcement officials from across Miami-Dade gathered today to announce the results of Operation Gang Busters. For the past three months, authorities have served 153 warrants, notched 163 arrests, seized 17 guns, $27,000 and some 2,5000 grams of coke and marijuana.

"Tonight, the streets of Miami and Miami-Dade County are much safer," said Miami Mayor Manny Diaz.

The operation was localized in Little Haiti, which has been hard by drug gang violence during the past couple years. Gang Busters was run by Miami police and the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Gang Strike Force, with assists from agencies such as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, North Miami, Miami-Dade and schools police.

Main speaker was Katherine Fernandez Rundle. Among those on hand for the presser: Schools Police Chief Gerald Darling, Miami-Dade Charles E. Nanney, of the narcotics bureau, FDLE supervisor John Vecchio, North Miami Councilman Jacques Despinosse and North Miami Assistant Chief Clint Shannon. Rundle, flanked by gang prosecutor Ed Tapanes, praised Miami Deputy Chief Frank Fernandez and fellow Miami officers.

"They really helped lead this multi-agency approach," Rundle said.

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Few clues in identifying skeletal remains

CapRecognize this hat? Know someone who is missing?

The Broward Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help in identifying the skeletal remains of a man's body found last week by landscapers in Southwest Ranches.

Near the bones, detectives found the camoflauge hat pictured above. It reads, "Broward Power Train Co. Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FLA."

A backpack and a pair of sneakers - size 10 - were also found nearby.

BSO says the remains belong to a man who was wearing a dark blue pullover shirt and dark blue pants with an elastic waistband.

The remains were found last Wednesday in the brush and weeds along the northbound lanes of U.S. 27, just north of Sheridan Street.

Anyone with information is asked to call  BSO Homicide Detective Tim Duggan at 954-831-4210 or Crime Stoppers, anonymously, at 954-493-8477.

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Hammered, haircut and handcuffed

It's time to shake the rust off this here blog.

Here's a doozy of a crime to get us started: Carlos Manuel Fuentes got wasted over the weekend at his Homestead home. His wife seized the opportunity to get give him a haircut, something he apparently is averse to.

Angry at his wife for snipping her his hair without his permission, Fuentes picked up a beer bottle and used it to smack a 6-week-old baby inside the home. The baby was taken to a hospital for head wounds. Fuentes was charged with aggravated child abuse and jailed without bond.

Here's Fuentes showing off the haircut that got him so bent out of shape


***UPDATE: I goofed on this one. As the article clearly states, it was Fuentes' WIFE who got a haircut that sent Fuentes into a tizzy. She did not cut his hair while he was drunk. Thanks to reader Christian for pointing it out in the comments section. He gets Editor of the Day award.

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