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Case of the carousing cows

Cow No, this isn't a joke.

The Broward Sheriff's Office issued a media alert outof Southwest Ranches Tuesday night. It is quite possibly be the most memorable one ever.

Reporters receive several of these alerts a day, informing us about newsworthy events like traffic accidents, bank robberies, homicides and hostage standoffs.

But this latest one was about cows. "Carousing cows" to be exact.

According to the alert, "At about 8:50 pm residents noticed two calves wandering the roadway. BSO deputies don't think the calves are weaned and theorize they are looking for their cow mom. They have been corralled to some extent and the owner has been notified and will take them to their barn ASAP."

Here's wishing that the calves and their cow mom live happily ever after.


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