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Possum: Don't Tase me, bro

Possum South Florida crime story of the day comes from Kevin Deutsch at The Palm Beach Post, formerly of The Miami Herald*:

BOYNTON BEACH — A Boynton Beach man was arrested for drowning, beating, and Tasering a possum Monday before it finally died.

Police caught John Linsen, 55, using a shovel to beat the animal, which was still breathing at the bottom of a trash bin in the 100 block of Southeast First Street.


Linsen allegedly admitted to killing 21 or 22 other possums using what police believe were similar methods.

Linsen did not appear to believe he was doing anything wrong, [Animal Control Officer Liz] Roehrich said. She said it was the first time in 20-plus years on the job that she'd seen someone cruelly kill an animal before her eyes.

'It was appalling,' Roehrich said. 'It doesn't matter what type of animal it is. Every animal experiences pain, and that animal experienced a horrid death.'  "

Give a big Kudos Bar to the alert city employee who flagged down Roehrich. Maybe the Animal Planet's Animal Police Miami ought to start tagging along with Boynton Beach cops, too.

* The Herald and Post are news partners, so we help each other out sometimes. The Herald ran a shorter version of Kevin's possum story, so I included the link to the full version on the Post's website.


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