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Pee? What pee? A true story.

Puddle Setting: Outside the Miami-Dade Courthouse

Time: 11:14 a.m.

Characters: Homeless man, Miami-Dade police officer, concerned citizen

Plot: With penis exposed and sun shining on him, homeless guy is peeing on the sidewalk on the north side of the courthouse.

The police officer walks by, pretends not to see the public urination, and trudges on toward court steps.

Concerned citizen rushes up to cop. "Officer, do you see that man? He has his penis out! He's going on the sidewalk!"

Officer presses on, says he has no time. "I gotta get to court. Sorry." 

And, scene.

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Changing face of Hollywood PD

Hollywood police will have a new public face -- Sgt. Manny Marino.

Marino is replacing spokesman Capt. Tony Rode, who has represented the agency for years on just about everything. Rode announced the change to the media on Thursday.

"Manny and I share many of the same personal qualities, and I am confident this will be a smooth transition," Rode said in what probably was his last media release.

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Testimony stays in

In his first kind-of major ruling in the preliminary hearing, Judge Bonaventure said he is "somewhat disturbed" about hearing that Cashmore appeared on national TV last night, but he has decided not to strike Cashmore's testimony. He gave a minor verbal wrist-slapping, reminded the court about his order not to talk about the case or watch coverage of it, and now we're moving on.

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Testimony to be thrown out?

A little late drama in Friday's hearing. Attorneys for defendant Charles Ehrlich have asked Judge Joe Bonaventure to strike Charles Cashmore's testimony today -- all three-plus hours' worth. The issue: Cashmore went on Greta Van Susteren's show last night. Attorney John Moran Jr. is arguing that was in violation of the judge's rule that witnesses should not watch any coverage of the case or talk about their involvement with others. Moran and son John Moran III are tag-teaming the judge right now, both standing and arguing that Cashmore's testimoney be thrown out.

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Grasso grills Cashmore

The looong cross-examination of Cashmore is continuing. OJ attorney Gabriel Grasso recently wrapped up his line of questioning -- details, details, details about when he met OJ, what he learned of the plan to go to the Palace Station, what happened in the hotel room. Now C.J. Stewart's attorney is interrogating Cashmore. So far, he's been a lucid and manageable witnesses. That's more than can be said about Tom Riccio, who gave a lot of casual, rambling answers, and Bruce Fromong, who had some contentious moments with defense counsel.

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The state called fourth witness

Muget We're back from a lunch recess. The state has called its fourth witness: Charles Cashmore. He was one of the men who was at the Palace Station with OJ on Sept. 13. He was arrested and charged but then agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors. In exchange for reduced charges, Cashmore agreed to testify against OJ and the two co-defendants who have not taken plea deals. He is the first of the hotel-storming posse to testify in the preliminary hearing.

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Nothing earth-shattering

Morris is off the stand - nothing earth-shattering from him and only minimal questions from defense attorneys. Lunch break starts now. Court will resume at 12:45 p.m. Vegas time.

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Surveillance video clips aired

77763138js027_o_j_simpson_r Hotel surveillance guy Morris is now narrating for the court the 30-minute montage of video clips from the night of Sept. 13. We're seeing OJ and his crew mosey into the hotel's entrance, walk through the lobby, then reappear a few minutes later carrying boxes out to the parking lot.

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Testimony is resuming

77763138js026_o_j_simpson_r Testimony is resuming now with the third prosecution witness, Allan Morris, the surveillance supervisor at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino. He's talking about how the place has cameras everywhere to monitor what's going on at all times.

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Takin' care of business

We're on a short break, and court marshals have blocked off the first-floor men's room so OJ and his attorneys can...attend to business. A few reporters lined up outside, waiting to use the facilities after the Juice cleared out.

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