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Pee? What pee? A true story.

Puddle Setting: Outside the Miami-Dade Courthouse

Time: 11:14 a.m.

Characters: Homeless man, Miami-Dade police officer, concerned citizen

Plot: With penis exposed and sun shining on him, homeless guy is peeing on the sidewalk on the north side of the courthouse.

The police officer walks by, pretends not to see the public urination, and trudges on toward court steps.

Concerned citizen rushes up to cop. "Officer, do you see that man? He has his penis out! He's going on the sidewalk!"

Officer presses on, says he has no time. "I gotta get to court. Sorry." 

And, scene.


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Simple resolution. Citizen needs to find an officer that is in service and available. Not the officer's fault that he is already assigned to something. True story.


Why should the cop do anything? Anytime they do they are shunned. They can't even find a place to park at the court house so they park where ever they can. But then the media does a special on how they illegally park. Screw you guys ! Take care of the streets yourselves.


that wasn't a homeless man, it was miami's latest art installations: man fountain.


Unless it is a violent crime; concerned citizen... mind your own business!

Ricardo Tubbs

Shouldn't that be "end scene" at the end of the story? Doesn't anyone teach these 'journalists' how to write proper English?

Not Above The Law

So when the officer is late to court and the case is dismissed who are you going to blame when the drunk driver they'd arrested gets off free? Or the burglar? Or the guy who stole your car? THINK people, THINK.

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