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Don't try this at home

Taylormug Some news stories hook you in from the first words. Especially when those first words are "Electric-shock sex."*

Police in York, Pa., (my hometown) have charged Toby Taylor, left, with involuntary manslaughter after he accidentally killed his wife during what he acknowledged was "weird sexual behavior."

According to a police report, Toby and Kirsten Taylor, below left, came home from dinner at a pizza shop last Wednesday night. Toby Taylor initially told police Kirsten was shocked by a faulty hair dryer. At the hospital, after her death, he changed his story:

Maurer "He said that they hook up clips to his wife's nipples and he plugs a cord into an electric strip and he shocks her," police wrote in charging documents.

After pizza, Toby Taylor said, his wife hooked herself up to the nipple-shock mechanism. He joined her, put electrical tape over her mouth, and gave her three or four shocks until she fell over on the floor, unconscious, police said.

The county coroner said he'd never seen a case like it.

"Even if you did it before, you have to know you could kill someone," Coroner Barry Bloss said to The York Daily Record.

Incidentally, an obituary for Kirsten uses her maiden name only, not Taylor, and does not mention her marriage or Toby Taylor.

The Smoking Gun has the charging documents.

* Kathy Stevens, a friend and former colleague, is the tenacious cops reporter behind this lede.


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