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O.J. over the years

I personally don't care for the O.J. Simpson stories nowadays that mention how he's "looking much heavier than in his playing days" or "paunchier and slower-moving." Happens to most everyone, right? It's not the point of the stories, so why point it out? Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

But, without passing any judgment, check out these O.J. mugshots from over the years, posted in The Smoking Gun's substantial mugshot collection:

Ojmug94First, after his June 1994 arrest in Los Angeles. O.J. was charged with the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. A jury acquitted him in October 1995.

Second, after his September 2007 arrest in Las Vegas. O.J. and several other men Oj2008mug1were charged with armed robbery and other felonies after taking collectibles from two sports-memorabilia collectors. Their trial is set to begin in April (see last graf).

Third, in January 2008 before a bail-revocation hearing in Las Vegas. A judge increased O.J.'s bond because of a profanity-laced message on hisOj07 bondsman's voicemail that violated a court order.

In the Vegas case, a judge today denied a request from defense attorneys to postpone the trial. It begins April 7.


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