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The do-good bank robber

Catherine Kaczanowski loves her some bank robbing. She also loves giving back.

A few years ago, Kaczanowski robbed five banks. When cops caught up with her, she told them she pulled off the heists to pay for medical care for her cat, Smoochie.

She was back to her old tricks last week, when she stole $1,000 from a North Fork bank in Bensonhurst, N.Y. How do cops know it was Kaczanowski?

Because she returned to the bank Thursday with $700 and a handwritten note, which she gave to a teller: "I stole this money on Friday, February 22. I'm sorry."

She then went to a liquor store to pick up some Jack Daniels. By the time she got home, police were waiting for her with handcuffs in tow.

New York tabloids the Post and the Daily News have more. Thanks to Judi at Dave Barry's blog for the tip.


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Fernando Severns

A complex motivation, but the crime is simple. While her desire to help her cat and her own remorse is worth sympathizing, the robbery is still there. In the end, she has to settle her mistakes with the law, to make up for what she has done.

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