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Woman buckles in beer, not child

Tina_williams_2A woman remembered to buckle up her case of Busch beer during a trip in St. Augustine on Super Bowl Sunday.

But when it came to a one-year-old girl in the back seat, the woman seems to have forgotten, First Coast News reported.

Police in St. Augustine say the woman, who identified herself as Tina Williams, ran a red light and swerved on the road before she was stopped.

When an officer asked why the girl, who was in the back seat with her mother, didn't have a seat belt, Williams apparently said: ‘‘I don't know."

A deputy arrested her for DUI after she staggered when she got out of the car and failed a field sobriety test, according to First Coast News.

She faces a number of charges, including driving under the influence.

Read the full story on First Coast News


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i love beer too, but damn!

Mayra Cuellar

This woman should be sent to prison !!! How could anyone do this to their child? Life sometimes seems so unfair, I happen to know several childless couples who would give anything to be blessed with a child, and yet they are unable to conceive and then there are mothers like Tina Williams who have been blessed with a child and treat their children this way. Life is so unfair sometimes. I hope she learns her lesson and gets her life back ont track if nothing else just for the sake of her poor child !!!


thats loco!!!!!!

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