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Couple caught having sex in church

Rowland A pair of undies and an errant bra tipped deputies off that something wasn't right inside a church in Sanderson, Fla.

Deputies responding to a call of a suspicious person outside the Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church found Crystal Rowland, 24, behind the altar.

They also found Matthew Pearce, 28, partially clothed.

"I don't know what has become of the people [that] somebody would just do something like that in a church," Deacon Lonzie Altman said in a story on the website for Tampa Bay's 10 News.

Pearce Police said Rowland's explanation for why they picked the holy spot -- she sought a ‘‘spiritual and sexual experience."

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What a perfect Florida story. Primitive Baptist Church, odd items of clothing maybe found only in Florida, and a Florida spiritual experience. And a half-naked man under the altar. Plus red tea candles. And of course a pickup.

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