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Missing holy man found at strip club

Strip Now, this is more like it.

From the Associated Press:

Police say a pastor who was reported missing from his home in western New York has been found at an Ohio strip club.

The money quote: Detective Matt Sturgeon said the Right Reverend felt "emotionally guilty" when police confronted him.

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3 kids killed at Baltimore hotel

Marriott Horrible news from the Baltimore Sun:

A Montgomery County father engaged in a custody battle brought his three children to an Inner Harbor hotel and apparently killed them yesterday, Baltimore police said.

The bodies were discovered after the man called hotel security about 1:15 p.m. from his 10th-floor room at the Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards, saying that he had killed his children and was considering harming himself, said Officer Troy Harris, a city police spokesman.

The children were all under seven years old.

I know, a little heavy for a Monday, but Baltimore's my adopted hometown. Spent four years there, and know this hotel well.

Baltimore's made strides in the last 10 years, but it's still a gritty, crime-ridden town. Even there, however, an incident like this is jarring.

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You cannot resist clicking on this story

Taser I tried, really tried, and failed ...

Teens with Tasers battle at mall

From Local6.com out of Orlando:

A massive fight between a group of teens wielding cinder blocks, bats and using Taser guns damaged several cars at a popular mall early Friday, according to police.

Orlando police said a fight involving at least 11 teens broke out at a skate park in the Festival Bay Mall.

Several teens jumped into the fight and it spilled into a parking lot, officers said.

You can watch the video, too.

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Umm...Your backpack is on fire

Nyctransit051223ap In New York, they take things like this VERY seriously.

From Newsday:

NEW YORK - A college student says he's sorry for causing a scare when his science project short-circuited and started smoking in his backpack on a subway train in Brooklyn.

Turns out, there was nothing more than a model elevator, but those sitting next to Gregory Kats  weren't eager to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Passengers dashed for the exits.

Kats was not arrested.

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Jail mail: cards designed for those doing time

Looking for the perfect birthday or holiday greeting for someone behind bars?

Los Angeles-based Three Squares Greetings offers just the thing.

From a Christmas card: "You had the choice to be ‘naughty or nice.' And you chose ... Oh well, now you have to do your time."

Or for that special someone on Valentine's Day: "If it weren’t for those walls, I’d give you lots of hugs and kisses."

Lawyer Terrye L. Cheathem, the company's founder, was looking for a card to send her brother-in-law during a 2000 prison stint.

"There weren't any cards on the shelf that said anything like, `Hey, you must make better choices,"' she told the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

So she found a solution.

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Man sees mouse...calls police

Mouse I'm certainly not a fan of mice, but it seems like this German man took things a little too far.

The man -- only in his boxers and slippers -- ran from his house into the snow and called police.

All to report a rodent in his living room.   

"He said there was nothing he was more afraid of," police in Goettingen said in a statement, according to Reuters.

The mouse made a clean escape.

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93-year-old charged in sex sting

'Nuff said.

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Shake, rattle and roll

Snakebitesface Things that get packed: Loaded guns, scissors and box cutters.

Add to that list: poisonous snakes.

From the Washington Post ...

Unpacking a duffel bag in your Arlington County home seems pretty harmless. But that's what Andrew Bacas was doing yesterday when a rattlesnake bit him.

Bacas, the varsity boys' crew coach at Yorktown High School, had just returned home from a spring break conditioning trip to South Carolina with his team. He was unpacking his bag about 9:30 a.m. yesterday, after driving home Saturday, when he felt a sharp pain on his right hand.

"This little monster got into his gear somehow," Esther Bacas, the coach's mother, said of the 10-inch-long snake.

Bacas was treated at a nearby hospital and is expected to be fine.

In case you're wondering, here's how to treat a snake bite. And no, biting into the wound and spitting out the venom is not recommended.

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Off to Tallahassee

Hi. You may remember me as the reporter who recently wrote on this blog that I was filling in on our courthouse beat for two weeks.

Well, I'm back from that assignment, but now I'm off again. This time, to Tallahassee, where I'm pitching in on our coverage of the legislative session for a few weeks.

So, I leave things in the able hands of Jennifer and Adam, who love a good crime story like some people love Oreos.   

Meanwhile, if you get a hankerin' for politics, check out our up-to-the-minute coverage on Naked Politics.

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Smoking green crack for St. Pat

0320081crack1 Nothing says "Top o' the morning!" like a hit of crack.

Cops in Ohio seized several baggies of green-colored rock cocaine last week (left), an apparent nod to St. Patrick's Day.

The Smoking Gun has the rest of the emerald scoop.

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