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Couple caught having sex in church

Rowland A pair of undies and an errant bra tipped deputies off that something wasn't right inside a church in Sanderson, Fla.

Deputies responding to a call of a suspicious person outside the Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church found Crystal Rowland, 24, behind the altar.

They also found Matthew Pearce, 28, partially clothed.

"I don't know what has become of the people [that] somebody would just do something like that in a church," Deacon Lonzie Altman said in a story on the website for Tampa Bay's 10 News.

Pearce Police said Rowland's explanation for why they picked the holy spot -- she sought a ‘‘spiritual and sexual experience."

Read the full story here.

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Robbers call cab, get cops

Two Canadian teens made a serious miscalculation when they robbed a convenience store last week.

The pair forgot to arrange for a getaway ride, relying instead on a taxi cab.

Unfortunately for the teens, police quickly got word the of the robbery and the call to the cab company.

The taxi came for pick up with two cops inside.

"Obviously not having a getaway vehicle or anything like that and calling a cab is generally not a sign of your most sophisticated criminal," Detective Sergeant Kevin Maher of the Halton Regional Police Service told Reuters.

Read the story here.

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Cops chase doughnut delivery

Doughnut Officers chased after a doughnut delivery van at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour - and they weren't looking for a morning fix.

A driver was making deliveries in Rock Island, Ill. when a man stole the van, which had been left running.

A deputy spotted the Donut Delite van, which had no markings on the outside giving away the sweet treats.

At the end of the chase, alleged robber Frank Alvarado, got arrested.

The officers got a sweeter deal -- the stolen confections.

The Associated Press has the story.

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Man gets pulled over, blames it on an Oreo

Add this one to the list of excuses that probably won't get you out of a speeding ticket: a dropped Oreo.

One New York man tried to explain his way out of a speeding ticket last fall by blaming the cookie, saying it dropped from his fingers as he was dunking it into a cup of milk.

Justin Vonkummer, 28, claimed he lost control as he tried to get the cookie from the cup, according to this story on Yahoo.

A trooper pulled him over for speeding in a small Connecticut town. Vonkummer has been charged with speeding and driving under a suspended license.

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Talk about Bridezilla

Bridezilla1 For most brides, the day before the wedding is reserved for picking up the cake, trying on the gown on last time and entertaining guests at a rehearsal dinner.

Not so for Dianne J. Carnes, of Scottsbluff, Neb.

Instead, she spent Monday appearing in court for a charge of felony driving under suspension. After a jury found Carnes guilty, she threatened a female juror, according to Scotts Bluff County Sheriff's deputies.

And so, at the time she was set to tie the knot, Carnes was behind bars.

Read the Star Herald's whole story.

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Man reports pot theft, gets busted

Pot In the immortal words of Gutter, "Umm...I didn't exhale?!!?!"

From the Associated Press:

The 35-year-old man in the central Australian city of Adelaide called police to report that six men had broken into his house through a window and stolen parts of his cannabis plants, South Australia Police said.

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Boyfriend charged in toilet case

Update today in the case of woman who had to be rescued after spending two years on her toilet:

Her boyfriend, Kory McFarren, 37, was charged with mistreatment of a dependent adult in Ness County, Kan. According to Kansas law, this charge is either a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the severity. A dependent adult is someone over 18 who is "unable to protect their own interest."

The arrest comes after paramedics had to rush McFarren's girlfriend to the hospital with the toilet seat melded to her body. She had been unwilling to leave the bathroom for two years. McFarren said he brought her food every day and pleaded with her to come out, but she kept promising she would do it "tomorrow."

Last week, McFarren told the AP: "The only thing I am guilty of is I didn't get her help sooner."

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O.J. to vote for Hillary?

1101940627_400 In an interview with Nightline following his sweeping speech on race in America this week, Barack Obama shared his thoughts about O.J. Simpson's 1995 murder trial:

"I'm somebody who was pretty clear that O.J. was guilty," Obama said (full transcript here).

Wow. That's kind of a bombshell, no?

Obama had mentioned the murder trial briefly in his speech as an example of how Americans "tackle race only as spectacle." Later, when the Nightline interviewer asked him to expound about how the Trial of the Century divided many whites and blacks, Obama said:


"...that reaction had more to do with a sense that somehow the criminal justice system historically had been biased so profoundly that a defeat of that justice system was somehow a victory."

No word yet from the Simpson camp about whether this affects his voting plan. Then again, when the election rolls around in November, Simpson's Las Vegas armed robbery trial will be over, and depending on its outcome, Simpson may not be allowed to vote at all.

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Guy gets poked during lap dance

Heel Lap dances are supposed to be fun, right?

Not for Stephen Chang, who claims an exotic dancer poked him in the eye with the heel of her stripper shoe during a private dance. 

In a lawsuit filed this week, Chang says the stripper "suddenly swung around," booting him in the eye. The alleged incident happened in November at the Hot Lap Dance Club in New York (clever name).

The New York Daily News has more.

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Gun stolen from chief's car

Thieves broke into a locked Dodge Durango in the driveway of an Ormond Beach home over the weekend, stealing a semi-automatic handgun, its holster and a bulletproof vest.

And now every cop in the city is on the lookout for the booty, because it belongs to Police Chief Michael Longfellow.

The break-in happened right outside the chief's home. He didn't break police policy by leaving his city-issued gun inside his city-issued vehicle, but Longfellow said he regretted the decision not to bring the weapon into his home like he usually does.

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