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Miami-Dade K-9 cops honored

Big ups to three Miami-Dade Police officers and a sergeant who have won a national Top Cops award for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Sgt. Eric Mendez and Officers Edwin Gonzalez, Brad Burke and Richard Hansen were working in the department's K-9 unit on Nov. 12 when they safely freed a woman and her grandchildren from a gunman who was holding them hostage. The kidnapper was arrested without incident.

The Miami-Dade officers were the only ones in Florida to win this year's award; officers from 10 other states also were recognized for their service. Here's a full list from the National Association of Police Organizations.

"It's a big honor for the department," said Det. Mario Rachid, a spokesman.

The four are scheduled to talk with reporters about the award and the November crime at 10 a.m. Thursday.

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Miami police department promotions

Moss_delrish_mdp_bpf If you read Herald crime stories or watch local TV news, you've probably heard from the Miami police department's Delrish Moss and Martha Carbana.

Both will be promoted in a ceremony on Friday.

Moss, who has been with the department for 23 years, will be senior executive assistant to the chief.

He'll be in charge of the PIO office, so you'll still be hearing from him.

Carbana Carbana, who joined the department in 1989, is becoming a sergeant, which means she'll be back on road patrol.

Here's a link to a post cops reporter David Ovalle wrote on Carbana's first homicide.

"I'm looking forward to a new chapter in my police career," Carbana said Tuesday. "I definitly have been very lucky to have the opportunity to be in this office. I'll miss this position greatly."

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Food fight ends with shovel blow

Shepherdspie2 Those crazy Brits.

Michael Garvin and his brother John recently had a tiff during tea time, when Chef Michael made John a shepherd's pie.

But John, you see, insisted that a layer of tomatoes should go atop the fluffy mashed potatoes and meat of the traditional shepherd's pie.

Chef Michael didn't take the suggestion too kindly. He grabbed a shovel and smacked his brother on the head, according to the Telegraph newspaper.

Then John threatened to bomb his brother's apartment, which got him arrested.

Thanks to Mark Bittman's NY Times blog for the story.

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Scary crime trend hits Mexico

Imagine getting a phone call at work, a screaming man on the other line telling you he has your child and will kill her unless you pay a ransom.

Your child is really safe at school, but you don't know that until you've already handed over all your jewelry and money.

It's called virtual kidnapping, and it's become an alarming crime trend in Mexico City, The New York Times reports.

Experts say tens of thousands of virtual kidnappings have been reported in recent months, and about a third of those result in actual money changing hands. In a city where kidnappings are a major problem, you can see how people are easily duped into believing it's the real thing.

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Crime Scene Recommends: Crime Scene

I like what I see over at our namesake URL: CrimeScene.com.

Basically, they make up a fake homicide each week (set in Oxford, Miss.) and let users try to solve the crime. They post "evidence" like autopsy photos, 911 recordings, suspect lists, etc.

You have to pay a registration fee to join, but I'm thinkin' about it. Sounds like an interactive First 48, and that's something I can get behind.

Here's a Wall Street Journal article that explains the game more.

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Fight night: Hill vs. Obama

Clinton_2008_pack125 The good people at the New York Post are just plain geniuses.

This has nothing to do with crime ... but it has everything to do with violence.

I dare you not to click on it. Dare you!

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Thief breaks into house, leaves loot

This crook needs to go back to thief school:

An intruder pried open a back door of a house in the 10100 block of Northwest Sixth Avenue on April 16.

Left in the burglar's wake: $100 in damage to the door, along with a hammer and machete.

Taken: nothing.

Thanks to Jeff Kleinman, the Herald's copy chief, for this gem.

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7-year-old steals car, hits everything in its path

Many 7-year-olds can't reach the pedals.

That wasn't a problem for a Palm Beach Gardens boy, who stole his grandmother's SUV last week.

His driving skills, on the other hand, need some work.

The boy plowed into mailboxes, hit parked cars and signposts - all in about eight minutes.

He kept going until a sign took off the right front wheel.

The boy, who was not hurt, faces grand theft auto charges, but police said it's unlikely he'll be prosecuted.

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Fla. doc accused of fondling

Sotonwa Police say Dr. Kayode Sotonwa, left, inappropriately touched nine patients in his Largo office in the past year.

Sotonwa, 42, has been practicing internal medicine in Florida since 2004. A U.S. citizen, he was born and educated in Nigeria and completed his medical training in Pennsylvania.

Investigators allege he massaged teenage patients' breasts, fondled another patient's clitoris with an ungloved hand and tried to put a business card near another patient's anus, among other complaints. He has been charged with several counts of lewd and lascivious molestation and sexual battery and was released on bond Thursday night.

The St. Pete Times has a good story about the case. The Smoking Gun has the charging documents.

Here was our blog about the last Florida Dr. Do-Bad.

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Action News Team saves the day

Carjack Idiot of the week: Eric Jones, who allegedly carjacked an SUV and held its driver against his will -- only to stop and ask a camera crew for directions.

This went down in Cleveland earlier this week.

Kudos to 19 Action News reporter Shannon O'Brien and photographer Eric Walls, who were at a bank on an unrelated story, for noticing something fishy. They called 911 and followed the stolen vehicle for 15 minutes until cops pulled the hot car over.

Watch the video here.

By the beard of Zeus! Great Odin's raven!

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