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This is your life, Part 2

Photoeldorado004_t220 Last week, I blogged about a father who drowned his three young children in a Baltimore hotel. As an aside, I was a groomsman at a wedding in that hotel a few years back.

Today, San Angelo, Tex., my home for seven months, leads the Today Show.

From the San Angelo Standard-Times (where I got my first full-time job):

Local and state officials entered the temple of a secretive polygamist sect late Saturday, said lawmen blockading the road to the YFZ Ranch near Eldorado.

The action comes hours after local prosecutors said officials were preparing for the worst because a group of FLDS members were resisting efforts to search the structure.

The Texas Department of Public Safety trooper and Schleicher County sheriff’s deputy confirmed that officials have entered the temple but said they had no word on whether anything occurred in the effort.

The incursion into the temple caps the three-day saga of the state’s Child Protective Services agency removing at least 183 women and children from the YFZ Ranch since Friday afternoon. Eighteen girls have been placed in state custody since a 16-year-old told authorities she was married to a 50-year-old man and had given birth to his child.

I never came in contact with this group, but it doesn't suprise me that it exists. For those of you that have only ever lived in South Florida, there are entire swaths of this country that are nothing but barren, open land. When I lived in Texas, they were offering property at something like $1,000 an acre. Here, that's the going rate per square foot in some condos.

People always asked me what San Angelo was near. I had to explain to them that San Angelo was near San Angelo. It was the biggest city in a 120-mile radius. It's most famous resident: Matthew McConaughey, who owns a ranch nearby.

People keep to themselves in West Texas and have a live-and-let-live philosophy. It's the kind of place where a Big Love-style sect could operate, and no one know about it.


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