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Holy crap, guys, it worked!

Construction_workers You ever wonder why construction dudes make catcalls to passing women? Like, has that ever worked, ever, in the history of construction and hot girls and whistling?

Answer: Yes, it has.

A buncha New Zealand hardhats found themselves pleasantly surprised today when their whistling persuaded a tourist lady to strip down to her birthday suit.

The Israeli woman -- who police described as, I love this, "not an unattractive-looking lady" -- was on her way to an ATM when the men started howling at her. She took off her clothes, did her business at the ATM, got dressed, then went on her merry way.

Police later caught up with the woman and gave her a firm talking-to about how in New Zealand it's proper to keep one's clothes on in public. 

Here's the full story, but before you click, be forewarned: What we call "catcalls," the Kiwis call "wolf whistles."

Thanks to Multimedia Allstar Jasmine Rangel for the tip.


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