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Speaking of animal cruelty

Animalabuse Hope no one is Crime Scenin' during lunch.

From Local6.com out of Orlando:

MARION COUNTY, Fla. -- A Central Florida woman will likely be charged with animal cruelty and neglect after nearly 120 emaciated horses, donkeys and ponies were found on a ranch, officers said.

"It is horrid," neighbor Tina Rhodes said. "It breaks your heart to see (the animals). They are starving to death."

Tips from callers concerning the horses led animal service officers to a ranch in the 4000 block of Northeast Highway 316 in Fort McCoy Thursday.

When animal services officers checked the animals, it was determined the they had suffered months of neglect, Local 6 reported.

Check out the slide show, if you've got the stomach.

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From the WTF? Department

A Palm Beach County teenager had anal sex with his mom's male German shepherd and videotaped the act. On Thursday, a judge said the 18-year-old and his mother must surrender their pets to the county.

The mother objected, saying she didn't do anything wrong and was "mortified" to learn of her honor-student son's sick fetish. But the judge took the pets away and ordered $1,800 in court costs.

Here's the thing: Shocking as bestiality is, it's not illegal in Florida. The most prosecutors can hope for is a cruelty-to-animals conviction, but the penalties for that aren't too stiff.

State Sen. Nan Rich from Sunrise tried unsuccessfully this year to pass a law making bestiality illegal. Rich, an child's rights advocate who says animal abusers and child abusers are often one in the same, vowed to refile her bill next year.

Until she does, here's hoping no dog has to endure what the poor shepherd in PBC did. 

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Peekaboo, I see you

A homeless woman lived undetected in a Tokyo man's closet for a year before he discovered her yesterday.

He sensed something was askew when food started disappearing from his kitchen. He installed some hidden cameras and soon realized he had an uninvited houseguest.

Police arrested the woman for trespassing, discovering her curled up in the man's closet. Police said the woman had moved a mattress into the small closet and was even sneaking occasional showers.   

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Rats, roaches invade Lake Worth home

Image_7116976 This is nas-ty.

A Lake Worth home has become overrun by roaches and rats, prompting the city to hire an exterminator and causing neighbors to set bug traps to preempt the critters from invading their homes.

Crime Scene friend Rochelle E.B. Gilken at the Palm Beach Post paints the scene (actual photo, left) with her lede: "Rats were hanging out of the windows of a home on South E Street this morning watching health department officials and the mayor survey the infestation."

Unclear if the owner -- who has been cited previously for the code violations -- will have to repay for extermination costs.

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I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

Atlanticcity Howyabeen?

Nothing like vacation to reinvigorate you.

Spent 10 days in the Northeast. It was in the 40s most days and I packed for summer.

Among my stops: Atlantic City, where friends witnessed two men literally smoking crack on the street in the middle of the day, and Washington, D.C. ... [insert obligatory Marion Barry joke here].

Seems that Evan and Jen have been busy in my absence, and I've got little to add, except maybe this:

Monkeys control a robot arm with thoughts.

Ah, it's good to be back.

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Man bilks online brokerages a few cents at a time

Pennies_2Who says you can't get rich from saving pennies -- or in this case stealing them.
California resident Michael Largent allegedly made $50,000 by opening 58,000 brokerage accounts using an automatic script.

The companies he's accused of scamming -- E-trade and Schwab.com -- apparently send ‘‘micro-deposits'' between a few cents to a dollar when a customer opens an account to make sure the account number and routing information are right.

Among the people Largent allegedly opened accounts for, Hank Hill, Johnny Blaze and Rusty Shackelford.

Sound familiar? That's cause they're all animated characters.

The Feds charged him with four counts each of computer fraud, wire fraud and mail fraud.   

Wired has the story.

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Nude maids, who knew?

Maid_2 Some guys crack a few beers and eat ice cream when their wives go out of town. Others go out with the boys, get rowdy.

This guy in Tampa thought it'd be fun to go online and hire a woman to get naked and clean his house.

Then his wife came home. She didn't find the nude maid. But she also didn't find her jewelry -- $40,000 worth -- that the maid apparently swiped from the couple's bedroom.

Cops are looking for the maid. Who knew this type of service was so readily available? I didn't.

A Google search of "exotic maid" returns 504,000 hits, spanning the Internets from craigslist to Miami.

Some agencies right here in South Florida are hiring, promising $100 an hour for nude housecleaning. This one seems to be breaking some equal employment ideals: "We encourage caucasian and latin women to apply as most are [sic] clients request them."

The ad goes on to specify it's not an escort agency and no sex is involved.

No sex, but this company has maids who will serve drinks at your next poker game (they'll even deal the cards!). Who knew?  It should be noted, of course, that there is no indication these South Florida companies have any involvement in the ongoing Tampa investigation.

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Cop quits over prostitute flap

16399913_240x180 A veteran supervisor quit the Orange County Sheriff's Office today after allegations arose that he had sex with a prostitute in his squad car.

Cmdr. Steven Young, 50, had been on paid leave since Friday. Today, he sent a two-paragraph letter to the sheriff today announcing his resignation and asking to be paid for his accumulated vacation time. 

Deputies received a tip last week that Young, a 28-year veteran, solicited a prostitute from his police car while on the job. The investigation continues.

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The Larry Craig Bobblefoot

Bobble Poor Larry Craig. You remember, the Idaho senator who was nipped in an undercover sting last summer while soliciting sex in a men's bathroom at the Minneapolis airport?

A Minnesota minor-league baseball team is making sure its fans don't forget Craig's "wide stance" (that was the excuse he gave officers during questioning: He wasn't tapping his foot to find a hookup in the next stall, he simply sits with a wide stance).

The first 2,500 fans to Sunday's St. Paul Saints game will get a free Larry Craig Bobblefoot (left). Not to be confused with a bobblehead, the Craig figurine depicts a bathroom stall with two little feet dangling below. Shake it around a little, and the spring-loaded feet start tapping away.


The Smoking Gun has more images of the bobblefoot and Craig's arrest report.

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Someone Thomas Crowned those Picassos

Pic1 Two pieces of Pablo Picasso artwork valued at $450,000 were stolen from a Palm Beach gallery Thursday morning.

Now, I only dabble in Picasso, but I believe one of the etchings, Le Repas Frugal (1904), is from the artist's Blue Period. The other, Jacqueline Lisant (1964), is a much later work.

Pic2 The hunt is on to find the perp or perps who lifted the artwork in a manner that was much less smooth than what Thomas Crown woulda done: They scaled a six-foot wall and broke a glass window to get into the gallery.

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