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Nude maids, who knew?

Maid_2 Some guys crack a few beers and eat ice cream when their wives go out of town. Others go out with the boys, get rowdy.

This guy in Tampa thought it'd be fun to go online and hire a woman to get naked and clean his house.

Then his wife came home. She didn't find the nude maid. But she also didn't find her jewelry -- $40,000 worth -- that the maid apparently swiped from the couple's bedroom.

Cops are looking for the maid. Who knew this type of service was so readily available? I didn't.

A Google search of "exotic maid" returns 504,000 hits, spanning the Internets from craigslist to Miami.

Some agencies right here in South Florida are hiring, promising $100 an hour for nude housecleaning. This one seems to be breaking some equal employment ideals: "We encourage caucasian and latin women to apply as most are [sic] clients request them."

The ad goes on to specify it's not an escort agency and no sex is involved.

No sex, but this company has maids who will serve drinks at your next poker game (they'll even deal the cards!). Who knew?  It should be noted, of course, that there is no indication these South Florida companies have any involvement in the ongoing Tampa investigation.


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I think this is an insurance scam. It completely doesn't add up. I hope they figure it out and put him in jail.


Where did she hide the goods? In her goods?

Turner Brown

The wife will get the rest of the family jewels in divorce court.


That's what I was thinking. How did she steal stuff with no clothes on? Where did she put on? We may never know.

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