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Holy crap, guys, it worked!

Construction_workers You ever wonder why construction dudes make catcalls to passing women? Like, has that ever worked, ever, in the history of construction and hot girls and whistling?

Answer: Yes, it has.

A buncha New Zealand hardhats found themselves pleasantly surprised today when their whistling persuaded a tourist lady to strip down to her birthday suit.

The Israeli woman -- who police described as, I love this, "not an unattractive-looking lady" -- was on her way to an ATM when the men started howling at her. She took off her clothes, did her business at the ATM, got dressed, then went on her merry way.

Police later caught up with the woman and gave her a firm talking-to about how in New Zealand it's proper to keep one's clothes on in public. 

Here's the full story, but before you click, be forewarned: What we call "catcalls," the Kiwis call "wolf whistles."

Thanks to Multimedia Allstar Jasmine Rangel for the tip.

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MySpace revenge nets child porn charge

Alex Young Alex Phillips (left), 17, is in a boatload of trouble for posting naked pics of his younger ex-girlfriend, 16, on his MySpace page.

Cops in Wisconsin told Phillips to take down the pics, to which he responded: "F--- that, I'm keeping them up," according to a criminal complaint posted at The Smoking Gun

Phillips said his ex-girlfriend shot the cellphone pics and sent them to him when they were dating. As revenge for their breakup and a way to vent, Phillips posted the photos on his MySpace page.

Investigators charged him with child pornography, defamation and sexual exploitation of a child.

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Not quite the mile high club

Pilots This pilot and flight attendant apparently weren't interested in joining the mile high club.

Instead -- after eating at a Pennsylvania diner -- they picked a wooded spot for a nighttime rendezvous.

"They told the officer they wanted to go do it in the woods, essentially," Lower Swatara Township Police Sgt. Richard Brandt told the Associated Press. "That's the best answer they had."

Neighbors called police on Sunday to complain about a naked man and drunk woman and authorities brought in a helicopter with heat-seeking equipment to track them down.

Police found Jeffrey Paul Bradford, 24, hiding behind a shed -- wearing only flip flops and a watch. 

Bradford and flight attendant Adrianna Grace Connor, 24, were both arrested and suspended by Pinnacle Airlines Inc.

Among the charges Connor faces -- theft -- for taking a flashlight from a neighbor's car.

(The above picture of them going to court was the best I could find)

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Bye bye, birdie

Parrot Last week a colleague and I told you about a parrot poacher who almost got electrocuted while trying to steal baby birds from their nests.

Well, don't say we only print negative news. Nothing but good vibes are coming out of Tokyo today, where a lost parrot has been reunited with his family -- because he was able to recite his address to a veterinarian.

Yosuke (left), an African gray parrot, flew out of his cage and got lost. But when a good Samaritan took him to a shelter, Yosuke told rescuers his name and address -- as his owners taught him -- and they found his home. 

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Donkey sent to Mexican jail

Donkey He wasn't the first ass to land in the slammer for assault and battery.

But he might have been the first donkey.

The donkey was locked up in southern Mexico after it bit and kicked two men.

"Around here, if someone commits a crime they are jailed, no matter who they are," Officer Sinar Gomez told the Associated Press.

Gomez said the donkey will stay behind bars until his owner ponies up about $400 to pay the men's medical bills.

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Taking a cue from Home Alone?

200pxhome_aloneTrying to escape from gun-toting home invaders, two parents fled their West Palm Beach home through a back window.

One thing forgotten in the commotion -- a sleeping 8-year-old boy.

He was in the home for at least five minutes before police came and found the boy, unhurt, the Palm Beach Post reports.

Two robbers stormed the house at around 6 a.m. on Tuesday, shooting and killing a family dog, apparently searching for drugs and money. Authorities say they fled after shooting the animal.

The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office said the house had been hit around midnight on Tuesday, though no one reported the robbery.

Authorities are still searching for the men who broke into the house, one reportedly armed with a  shotgun, the other a 9 mm handgun.

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That's hot

Flaming They say Drake's Bar is the hottest spot to party in Kendall.

Proof: At 2 a.m. Sunday, a woman dancing on the bar accidentally kicked a flaming drink onto an unsuspecting patron, sending him to the hospital with severe burns on his chest and arms.

Fire-rescue workers said the woman in her 20s was helping out with a liquor-and-fire display on the bar. She let the spirit take her, so to speak, and started dancing away.

She got some of the fiery concoction on her foot, so she instinctly tried to kick it off. She launched the flaming alcohol onto this poor barfly who had to be taken to burn unit.

I wonder how they'd handle this situation at Flaming Moe's

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Cut me, baby

Weird sex gets weirder in Canada, where a woman has pleaded guilty to nearly killing her boyfriend during the height of passion.

Catherine McCoubrey, 25, admitted to carving a heart into her boyfriend's chest. The wound punctured his real heart, and he almost died.

The boyfriend vouched for McCoubrey, telling authorities the couple had been drinking heavily before engaging in rough sex, and that he asked her to carve up his chest. Unclear if they're still together.

Thanks to Howard Stern show news ace Robin Quivers for the tip.

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No crime in learning

Cri Nothing to see here, folks.

Just a shout-out to the inquisitive and red-shirted sharks from Nautilus Middle School who visited the newsroom today.

Thanks for the questions, kids. Now, stay in school and make sure this is the last time you're mentioned on Crime Scene.

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Goodbye, for now

Starting Friday, I'm on vacation until post-Memorial Day. I may pop on now and again if I come across something you all might enjoy ... like this ...

From the Herald in Washington State:

Worker accused of faking cancer to steal from state

ARLINGTON -- When a state social worker announced she had malignant brain tumors, she received $21,000 in paid leave, lots of time off from work, and extra sick days generously donated by co-workers pulling for her in her fight against a terrifying disease.

Turns out the tumors were only a sick ploy to steal from the state Department of Social and Health Services, prosecutors alleged Tuesday.

Sandra Dee Martinez, 40, never was diagnosed with brain cancer and instead faked letters from phony doctors to get paid sick leave, work half-days and land certain duties in the department, according to court documents.

She's now charged with first-degree theft.

Not to be confused, of course, with the thief that walked into a Boca Raton BP station and said, 'I have cancer, give me money.'

Catchya on the flipside, boys and girls.

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