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The Larry Craig Bobblefoot

Bobble Poor Larry Craig. You remember, the Idaho senator who was nipped in an undercover sting last summer while soliciting sex in a men's bathroom at the Minneapolis airport?

A Minnesota minor-league baseball team is making sure its fans don't forget Craig's "wide stance" (that was the excuse he gave officers during questioning: He wasn't tapping his foot to find a hookup in the next stall, he simply sits with a wide stance).

The first 2,500 fans to Sunday's St. Paul Saints game will get a free Larry Craig Bobblefoot (left). Not to be confused with a bobblehead, the Craig figurine depicts a bathroom stall with two little feet dangling below. Shake it around a little, and the spring-loaded feet start tapping away.


The Smoking Gun has more images of the bobblefoot and Craig's arrest report.


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Larry Sinclair story in depth... Trinity United Church gay choirmaster murdered, after calling Sinclair as a Obama campaign operative to discuss Sinclair's tryst with Obama in the back of a limo.

This is what Hillary refers to when she says Obama is not vetted.


thomas chamberlin

Absolutely frickin' hilarious.

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