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Coyotes and schnauzers and goats, oh my

Coyote2Miniatureschnauzer_p001Weird news abounds in Florida today:

- Dog owner Sal Santalucia, 69, took a proactive stance against the coyote invasion that has terrorized Southwest Florida, leaving three small-dog carcasses in its wake (map of the attacks here).

When Santalucia saw a coyote creeping perilously close to his miniature schnauzer, he scooped up the pooch with one hand and grabbed a 5-foot steel pipe with the other. Santalucia used the pipe to swat away the coyote for about seven minutes until police arrived. The coyote fled.

Banjo2_2- Police near Orlando are looking for a bunch of kids suspected of sneaking two pygmy goats into a classroom overnight Monday. The kids (kids, goats, pun - get it? Sorry.) left the goats with carrots, cabbage and vegetable oil. Weird.

Eustis High School officials say the pranksters just graduated with honors.


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Ernesto Mentira

I understand the childrens teacher had sex with the goats.

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