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Desperate times ... desperate measures

080616_suspect_rigs_gas_pump As gas prices continue to go up and up, people are doing just about anything to find cheaper alternatives.

Here's one the government doesn't recommend: Stealing gas by using a universal key to unlock the pumps.

It's what this guy, above left, is suspected of doing at a Citgo station at Southwest Eighth Street and 22nd Avenue in Miami. He apparently let his buddies in on the scheme, too: Police say a total of five cars pulled up one after another, making off with a total of 100 gallons.

It seems similar to a 2006 gas-swiping scam in Baltimore, where gas stations reported a loss of about 4,000 gallons costing almost $12,000. That time, the thieves used a master key to reprogram the pumps so the store attendant didn't realize what was happening.   


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Some Guy

Good for them. This is one crime that shouldn't be punished.

Tomasin Galindo

A crime is a Crime, but anyone tell me why our President and Vice are making trillions on oil everyday. Any idea why not the electric car is not on street yet???

Florida Economist

Committing a crime by stealing gas will do nothing but help to keep the price of gas high as it increases anxiety and sets a stronger perception of demand. Stealing gas is no longer a local crime, it is an economic crime that ultimately affects all of us and is a matter of national security. It should be met with harsh federal penalties.


The real criminals are the fat cats who run the big oil companies and who steal from ALL of us.


LOL! Geez, Florida Economist . . . "is a matter of national security"? You've been reading from the "George W. Bush Big Blue Book of Things to Say to Scare the Hell Out of The American People." You're an apt pupil!


well govenment and gas company are robbing us in our face with no mask. Whats makes this any diffrent except these ppl aint hurting us. But the state will make a full blown investigation on this person. how come no one investigates the oil companies

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