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Fla. man linked to sausage attack

Praeger_2Gregory Allan Praeger argued with his mother, and then apparently settled the score by throwing a 3-pound package of polish sausage at her.

The pack grazed her in the back of the head, My Fox Orlando reports.

When police got to the home south of Orlando, Praeger, left, was cooking.

No word on whether he was making the sausage.

Police charged Praeger, who had been drinking, with battery. The Smoking Gun has the report.

He's also not the first Central Florida man to pick an unusual weapon.

A few weeks ago, we told you about a man who tried to rob a DeLand convenience store using a palm frond. (see picture below)


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Parking dispute gets ugly, iconic Hermes bag used as weapon

Birkin Is this any way to treat a $7,500 handbag?

We bring you an incident from the parking garage at the Bal Harbour Shops - where after a dispute over a parking space a woman whacked another with an orange Hermes Birkin bag.

Did we mention there is a waiting list for these bags?

The three-page police report details the parking lot squabble.

The victim was trying to pull into a parking space when a white BMW cut her off and nabbed the spot.

The woman got out to talk to the space stealer.

That's when a woman - possibly with a Russian accent - hit her across the face with the Birkin bag and exclaimed "I can do whatever I want, b----, I'm beautiful.''

A man carrying a large Louis Vuitton bag accompanied with the woman (who wore a black dress, black scarf and dark sunglasses).

After the two suspects went inside Neiman Marcus, where they were caught on security camera, making a purchase at the Louis Vuitton counter.

Police are still looking for the duo, and want to charge the woman with simple battery.

Thanks to editor Gail Epstein for the tip.

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Girls Gone to Court

Joe_francis Girls Gone Wild kingpin Joe Francis (left) may soon be back in Florida to wage another legal battle, this time against a class-action federal lawsuit freshly filed in Panama City.

The Miami Herald obtained an exclusive copy of the lawsuit: Download ggw_ii_class_action_complaint.DOC

The complaint alleges Francis and GGW filmed four underage girls - ages 13, 15, 16 and 17 - during shoots around Panama City Beach a few years ago. It says that GGW's use of cash and T-shirts to lure girls into exposing themselves is "in direct violation of Florida law prohibiting coercion into prostitution."

The suit claims there are likely "hundreds" of other girls in Florida and nationwide who may have also gone wild while underage. Attorneys for the plaintiffs are demanding a minimum of $150,000 for each woman. The case is being handled by Chicago law firm Duane Morris with an assist from a firm in Panama City.

A call to Francis' California office seeking comment has not yet been returned.

We ran a story last October that detailed Francis' legal woes (you can find it here). Some of those have since been resolved, while others, like his ongoing battle with Elliot Spitzer callgirl Ashley Dupre, are still quite active.      

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Barely legal and behind bars


This week's roundup of interesting mugshots on The Smoking Gun reveals this Florida woman, who's only 18.

As you can see from her trio of mugshots, she's been arrested three times in the past two months. Two of those busts came in the past two weeks, according to TSG.

A quick Google News search didn't turn up any MSM stories about this frequent arrestee. I'm about to e-mail Smoking Gun Editor Bill Bastone to see if he can tell us more about why this young lady keeps getting locked up.

**UPDATE: The good folks at The Smoking Gun came through with more info about our mystery girl:

Amanda Rose Mahan of Tampa seems to have hit a recent patch of bad luck. Police pulled her over three times -- on March 20, June 13 and June 24 -- and each time cited her with driving with a suspended, canceled or revoked license.

Mahan, who turned 18 in March, was released from jail on $250 cash bonds each time.

As TSG noted from the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office booking reports, Mahan told cops she was a server at the Jerk Hut restaurant at the time of her first arrest, a hostess at the Acropolis restaurant at the time of her second arrest, and she had no listed job when she was busted last Tueday.    

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Teacher, leave those kids alone

Laflamme There are Cougars, then there are Cougars.

Little doubt Adrienne Laflamme, 60, falls into the latter group.

Laflamme, a science teacher in Brevard County, had a four-week relationship with a juvenile detention center student, according to a Orlando Sentinel report.

Police say they did the deed at least 15 times, including at least once with another minor -- a 14-year-old boy.

She's been charged with 15 counts of unlawful sex with minors and filing a false police report. Her bond is set at $225,000.

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Tired of dry, callused feet?

Pedegg If so, the PedEgg -- a device that buffs and files away warts and other foot imperfections -- might be for you.

But first, better check with Miami Beach-based models Kelly Parks-Corso and Jonathan Corso, who appeared in a cheesier-than-Easy Mac commercial for the foot-care gadget.

Apparently, they were none too pleased with the way their footsies came off on screen in an ad that has been broadcast all over the world.

And so, they've filed suit in Miami-Dade Circuit court. The Smoking Gun has the goods.

Named as defendants: PB and J Partners, a production company that made the commercial, and International Edge, which owns PedEgg.

The suit alleges that last July, PB and J sent out feelers for "hand and foot" models for a two-day shoot.

The job -- which paid $300 per model for the day's work -- was supposed to be for an Internet-only infomercial. The models were told they would be filmed receiving a pedicure and manicure, with only hands and feet shown, according to the suit.

When they got to the shoot, the couple quickly learned the plan had changed.

They were told that their feet were to be doctored with "horror" make-up for a dramatic before and after shot.

Parks-Corso and her husband were suprised, but decided to go ahead with the shoot.

That's a decision they would come to regret.

Pedeggreal Soon thereafter, they saw themselves on TV -- not part of the original agreement -- in a shoddy, low-grade ad.

It even appeared at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Check out the ad to see the plaintiffs for yourself.

Parks-Corso is the redhead in the ad's first shot and her hubby is the guy on the couch.

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A little too much egg nog for Santa

Drunksanta Can't make this up:

North Pole man clipped for DUI on riding mower

Seems that a 20-year-old Alaska man led State Troopers on a low-speed chase that covered several lawns.

When they finally pulled him over -- after about 200 feet with speeds topping out at 5 mph -- he reportedly blew a 0.18.

This story raises oh, so many questions.

Like A: Does grass actually grow in North Pole?

The answer is a surprising yes. Wednesday's high temperature is expected to reach 71 degrees.

How about B: Is this where Rudolph and the elves live?

No. The real North Pole -- which, incidentally, is in the middle of the Arctic Ocean -- is thousands of miles to the northeast of the Alaska town.

And C: How far away is North Pole, Alaska?

Far. Really far. Like 4,938 miles from the Herald's Miami office far.

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Teen with droopy drawers gets shot

0624081inside2 John Constantin (left) sure taught David Mitchell a sartorial lesson in Jacksonville over the weekend.

Constantin saw Mitchell, 18, walking around with his pants sagging below his underwear. The older man tried ordering the teen to pull up his knickers.

Mitchell refused, and the two men got into a scuffle. Constantin pulled out a gun and fired twice, shooting Mitchell in the stomach.

On the way to the police station, Constantin told officers "this is bullshit...I was just protecting myself." He's charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. And, oh yeah, the rock of crack that cops found in his pocket will also likely net him a drug charge.   

The Smoking Gun has more details from the arrest report.

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Busy day at the Supreme Court

Supreme The eight men and one woman in black robes are making news today, as they will issue opinions on some of the seven cases they have yet to decide.

Already released: Its 5-4 decision that executing child rapists constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

The hottest button pushed today will be the Court's ruling on the Washington, D.C. handgun battle.

For the latest, check out Yahoo! News' handy-dandy Supreme Court wire.

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Woman jumps from moving car

Jump Marquita Armstrong really wanted to get out of Jeffrey Watson's car when the two were driving on I-10 in Tallahassee on Tuesday.

Armstrong, apparently angry that Watson (of Fort Lauderdale) had missed her exit, jumped out of the car and skidded on the highway pavement. Passing motorists called 911.

"I jumped out of his car. It was my fault," Armstrong, 24, told police at the hospital, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

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